Seattle Organized Master Closets and Beauty Bar

I’m back with another beautiful post from our December organizing adventure in Seattle.  As I mentioned in the craft room post from this project, my client didn’t prioritize to have her closet and bathroom organized, the focus was all about organizing the shared family spaces and zones for her children.  Of course I wasn’t going to leave at the end of the project without giving her an amazing closet “after” so we hustled through the priority list so we could dig in and make it all happen, I mean, we are called Kuzak’s Closet after all!

She and her husband previously shared a master closet at their Los Altos home so it having two separate closets for “his and her” was a major space upgrade.  The term “space upgrade” sounds luxurious and while it is, it also means it’s extra important to set up the right system so items are easy to find and likes can stay with likes.  When a large space isn’t planned and organized with the big picture in mind typically the end result is pure chaos that continues to get worse and worse.

For her closet the zones were divided by everyday tops and pants, dresses, furs and jackets, workout clothing, casual shoes, dress shoes, handbags, accessories, and travel.

I am a very visual person and the clients that choose to work with me appreciate that. While some professional organizers don’t feel it’s important to invest in matching hangers and bins I feel the opposite. The items that we store in our closets and cabinets some in a variety of shapes and sizes so to curb the visual clutter the easiest trick is to start with a uniform template.

This closet originally had a mix of plastic, wire, and wood hangers.  The closet was instantly transformed into a boutique when we swapped them out for matching ivory huggable hangers.  Everything hangs at the same height with equal spacing, love it!

With 6 major storage sections in this closet it took a bit of puzzle building for me to settle on a system that worked.  The movers unboxes some of the items but not all so I started by unpacking the remaining boxes and sorting items into categories so I could determine volumes for each zone. By spending the extra time on a big sort, whether you are unpacking at a new house or doing a major overhaul on an existing space, it will save you a ton of time from reshuffling things over and over as you try to find homes.  I’m sure my client walked by this closet several times wondering why on earth it wasn’t done but the sort and planning takes so much longer than the put away.  For this zone it took me 3 hours to unpack, sort and plan, and 90 minutes to put it all away.  I had the help of Tammy and Sarah at different times during the process so that also helped.

I love having handbags organized on shelves because I feel like it encourages them to be swapped out at used.  Seeing this shelf of pretties makes me happy!

The window seat has a ton of storage for travel bags, socks, bathing suits, shape wear, and shoes.  As you can see my client has room to grow into this space, exciting! She needs to add a poof in the middle of the room and maybe a cushion on the window seat next…

I divided shoes into different zones depending on style.  It broke up the closet into zones by doing that and will be easier for my client to maintain.  

Howdy partner! This client has a very similar fashion style to what I like so it was fun to unpack and organize this space.

And, just in case you were wondering what the view out of the window of the window seat looked like here you go. Downtown Bellevue in the distance.  From the master bedroom window you can see downtown Seattle.  I am so happy for these clients and their new start here, talk about gorgeous!

Now onto his closet which is a much smaller space than hers but we still made it all work.  It’s a long skinny closet so it’s also important to create a system that is smart and functional. Taylor worked on this zone and as always, she did a fabulous job.

We repurposed hangers they already had opted to use the category they had the most of, dark wood mahogany.  I’m not a big fan of wooden hangers because they are bulky and slippery but in this space they look really sharp.

The closet is designed with just enough room for everything from shirts, pants, shoes, sweats, etc..  This is his shoe gallery…

And now on to her bathroom vanity beauty bar.  Another zone that was not on the list of to-dos but I’m so glad we did it anyway.

I mean, how could we not when the end result looks like this!

Bathroom vanities can be a HUGE puzzle because its a zone that EVERYONE has too much stuff.  It’s a hot spot to try new things and you often keep things around that you only use once in a blue moon.  To be honest, bathroom vanities and pantries are the most alike spaces in a home but people never look at it like that.  Just think about it… both are limited in space, need to be in a specific area (in bath or kitchen) and all items are consumable.  Yes, that last fact is something that most people fail to consider when sorting and purging through a bathroom.  Items in a vanity space are ALL consumable, i.e. need to be used.  They expire or fail at some point so if you can get into that mind set and look at lava mud mask that has been sitting in the back corner of your vanity drawer for three years just like you’d look at a 3 year old jar of mayo and you’ll find it much easier to let go.

And that is what this client did.  She was able to say goodbye to the clutter so she could say hello to drawers that only hold items she uses and loves.

Love it! When you have a drawer like this you are actually able to use MORE of your products compared to when you have MORE products.  Food for thought!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of these three beautiful spaces and my two cents on how they turned out this way.  I’ll be back soon with a peek inside the kitchen and pantry from this home so stay tuned!

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