TGIF! This Garage is Fantastic!

Our latest garage transformation doesn’t disappoint! Thanks to the help of Valet Custom Cabinets we were able to triple the storage space with omni tracks, slat walls, and custom cabinets.  Now everything has a home up and off the garage floor!

This was the before…

Speaking of the garage floor, we had epoxy installed too! Epoxy is a hard coding that protects the garage floor and is easy to clean, it’s super durable and always looks great!

Our client wanted to keep items visible, accessible, and off the garage floor so we opted for a mix of omni tracks and slat walls.  Both products have a huge variety of accessories to mix and match, these medium bins are one of my favorites…

Nothing makes me happier than a ladder that can be hung up instead of leaning in a corner.  They take up so much less space and it’s so much easier to pull one down rather than push back everything leaning on the ladder and grab it quick before everything falls back.  You know what I’m talking about right!

And these baskets do not disappoint! No need to additional bins inside of cabinets when these babies are clipped into the slat wall system…

There is even a zone for the family pooch!

What an organized sight to drive up and see at the end of a busy day!

I’ve used this bin for camping chairs, boogie boards, balls, and so much more! It has a velcro tab in the front that makes it easy for little ones to get out what they are looking for.

It would’ve been easy to leave this wall alone but the omni tracks really add a lot of value.  There are two more bikes that will be hooked on the lower rack, the kids were using them when I took these photos.  The camping chairs all have their own hooks, one for each family member…

The opposite wall has omni tracks and custom cabinets that we had built around the fridge.  I love how simple and uniform this side of the garage looks now…

This was the before…

What an improvement! We did work on purging and planning before the garage system was installed.  Karin from Valet is great at designing spaces that will maximize storage and also look good. Our job is to give her an inventory list, manage the installation, select and order accessories for omni and slat walls, and then put it all together.

I love the vertical bike hooks! You may have noticed extra hooks for additional bikes that will be added down the road.  It’s always good to have room to expand!

And last but not least, a little slat wall just right of the garage door.  The perfect place to grab a helmet and go!

We really maximized the storage space in this garage and our client still has room to grow into it.  The inside of her home is gorgeous and now she has the garage to match! TGIF! This garage is fantastic!

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