Tiny Office Makeover

A client of mine was recently promoted at a local school and asked me to help her maximize storage and minimize sound in her brand new, extra tiny, corner office. Her goals were to have a meeting space for 4 people, file storage, mobile supply storage (baskets that she could take with her to another meeting), a small table, for the telephone, a chair or love seat for faculty or students to hang on, display space for student artwork, storage for books, and something that would help minimize the echo and sound in the space.  That’s quite the list for any office but with this little corner office being 6 feet by 4 feet I had to really explore my options and find products could be muti-purpose. 

When it comes to projects like this I try to make a list of items that I need and determine which piece will be the most critical and potentially difficult to find.  I do that because once that critical item is selected everything else can easily fall into place around it.  For this project I knew the pivotal item would be the love seat/chair.  I wanted to find something that would have built in storage and fit into the alcove under the window.  I found the perfect love seat on Wayfair with a lift up seat that had concealed storage, it comes in blue and gray and my client chose the gray color.

The seat folds open from the back so there is quite a large compartment for office and teaching supplies.  This love seat was such a hit once we installed it that the person who has an office across the hall from my client ordered the same one in blue.

With the love seat selected I turned my focus into finding the right floor and wall covering to help minimize sound.  I knew FLOR tiles would be the way to go in this tiny space so it was all about narrowing down pattern and design.  My client wanted to keep things neutral so she chose this pattern called “it’s snow problem”.  Ese helped me with the installation for this project and he cut the tiles around all of the funky corners in the space to it would appear to be wall to wall carpet.  This school is in a former mansion in the Hillsborough hills so the ceilings are tall, the walls are plaster, and the floors are hardwood.  Nothing gets soaked up when it comes to noise, it all just bounces around.

If you’ve never used FLOR it’s great and really easy to install! The tiles stick to each other with the little round stickers below, not the floor so it’s easy to remove or replace a square if you have a stain.  I love them in high-use areas and spaces for children.

For the walls I wanted to find something that would help with noise reduction and check off the display student artwork box.  Because the walls are plaster I needed to find something that would have a non-invasive installation so these cork tiles were perfect! They come in packs of 12 and hang up with easy to remove double-sided tape.  Now all she needs is student artwork!

There is a little alcove in the room that is an odd size so it was a bit tricky to find a bookshelf that would fit perfectly.  My client wanted me to find something with blonde wood that wouldn’t stick out past 11 inches.  Well, if you research bookcases for a few minutes you’ll discover that most are 12-14 inches deep.  When I found this little number I was like, woohoo! She will have plenty of space for books and additional student art (pottery was starting the week we did the install) on top.  She loves the look of baskets so I kept it neutral with pantry baskets from The Container Store and little supply bins for pens, scissors, and office accessories.  The bottom shelf has portable file boxes for paperwork storage.  I love these little boxes because they are mobile and have a great texture to them to warm up the space.  I snagged matching file trays for her to use as an inbox and action box.

The little table is from Ikea, it has 4 chairs so seating for meetings would be perfect.  Having a round design also takes up less space.  You can really tell how small the office is because  I couldn’t manage to get a photo of the entire table without having a wide angle lens!

We added color with some throw pillows on the love seat and the space will continue to brighten up with color once student artwork starts to rotate in and out.

My client said that she has gotten so many compliments on this little corner office makeover.  It’s a tiny space but I really think we maximized the goals and every square inch the best that we could.  We’ve worked with this client on many projects at her home so it was such a great compliment when she thought of us for this!

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