My Top 10 Closet Organizing Tips

I’ve been organizing closets for over a decade and I’ve learned that no matter the square footage of a client’s closet or the size of their wardrobe, my top 10 closet organizing tips remain the same.

  • Twice a year review everything inside of your closet. I use rolling racks with my clients to pull sections out of their wardrobe to be reviewed.  This helps take the items “out of context” so my clients can have a fresh frame of mind when reviewing each piece. By reviewing “like” sections at a time (i.e. sweaters, dresses, handbags, etc.) you can quantify what you really own and wear.

Beautifully Organized Master Closet

  • Not sure where to start? I always move clockwise throughout a closet to make sure I haven’t missed anything.  This also helps if you keep track of what you have accomplished just in case you need to take a break.
  • Just because you haven’t worn it in 12 months doesn’t mean you need to let it go.  Specialty items like gowns, cashmere, and classics have permission to stick around IF they still fit and you still love them.
  • Be realistic about your lifestyle and dress for the current moment.  Those suits from your past life as a stockbroker in New York City don’t need to take up valuable space if you find yourself wearing a more casual look to your Silicon Valley office. This also applies to all of you busy moms out there.  If you think another baby might be in the mix but you aren’t quite ready, pack up those maternity clothes store them until you need them.
  • Clean as you go! Take advantage of empty shelves and racks, dust and vacuum for a fresh start.
  • Create a uniform look and maximize your space with matching hangers.  My personal favorite are huggable hangers because they are non-slip allowing even the most delicate items to stay put and the uniform look transforms your closet into your favorite boutique.




Walk-In Closet Wonder with Lots of Storage

  • Visibility is key! Ditch the shoe boxes, invest in pretty bins to store your scarves and drawer dividers will be your new best friend when it comes to belts and undergarments.
  • Make sure all of the items in your closet are ready-to-wear.  Items that need to be dry cleaned, mended, or repaired should be bagged up and in a to-do area.  If the idea of completing the action or spending money on the repairs doesn’t sound appealing than it might be time to let the items go.

Organized Closet with Velvet Hangers

  • Pair down to a single laundry basket per person, this will encourage a prompt laundry schedule and encourage you to put items away in a timely fashion.  
  • When the idea of organizing a closet comes to mind most of my clients only think about letting go but I always remind them that it is also a time to add new items.  Have a shopping list on hand of items that need to be replaced and staples that need to be added.

Now that your closet is organized maintain the space by keeping a donation area near by, follow up on your to-do items, and schedule your next closet organizing session 6 months from now!

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