Top 10 Guest Room Must-Haves

We have been busy clearing the clutter from guest room floors, closets, and drawers, to make ways to holiday hosting.  Guest rooms all too often become a dumping ground for unopened packages and returns, overflow linens, and all other postponed decisions when it comes to home decor and memorabilia.

Our guest room is often filled with visitors who stay anywhere from one night to one month so I feel like I’ve got a pretty consistent must-have”list that works.  Here are my Top 10…

Kuzak's Closet 10 Ten Guest Room Must-Haves

This sweet space struggled with hidden piles in the cabinets and the closet so Kate and I worked with our client to help her take the space to the next level.  After our session there was ample space for guests to hang clothing, unpack essentials into the drawers, and have a quiet space to unwind or getaway.  I love this guest room!


I asked my Instagram and Facebook readers to chime in with their top tip and this one was my favorite…

“We host a fair amount of overnight guests and I now keep a little journal on the night stand for everyone to leave a note. My son loves it! I also leave contact solution, blow dryer and other comforts always in the bathroom. I give guests nice white towels, but dark wash clothes because no one wants to be embarrassed when they leave behind eye makeup stains. I’ve also learned people’s pillow preferences vary so I try to keep two super soft and two super firm on the bed. I put a few small empty dishes high on the dresser so guests can have jewelry and pills up high out of reach from my pets and kiddos!” -Jena

Her idea for a designated catch-all to keep items out of the reach of little ones is wonderful! You’ve got one more weekend to declutter before guests arrive, you can do it!

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