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School is almost out for summer which means we are scrambling to get homes back in order before the kids get home! This and back to school can be our busiest seasons and if you have kids you know the havoc that the last month of school can have on your home.  I recently had someone compare this time of year to “tax season” for parents and teachers and I thought it was an amazing analogy.  It’s full throttle with end of year events, projects, award ceremonies, and graduations. If your closets resemble small mountains of clothing and your dining table hasn’t seen the light of day since February you total understand.

One of our clients set up appointments for the Kuzak’s Closet crew to sort, purge, and reorganize her master closet, her kids closets, and her bathrooms before summer break kicks off.  Her goal was to be able to pack for summer travel with ease and curb the clutter so when she is home with the kids she can really enjoy it. Today I’m going to feature photos from the master closet that I was able to organize while the rest of my team worked on the children’s spaces and bathrooms.


It’s no surprise that I choice the master closet when we divided up our tasks, I named my business Kuzak’s CLOSET after all.  I love clothing and when it comes to arranging and organizing closets I want the space to be pleasing to the eye and inviting for the user. A beautiful space encourages maintenance which means smart shopping and purging!

Our client was able to let go of 5 large garbage bags full of clothing from her closet after working with us which made a huge difference.  Less is more when it comes to a wardrobe and it was time for her to let go of everything from corporate wear that she doesn’t need anymore to maternity clothing from her last pregnancy (7 years ago). We also got rid of anything that was damaged or just plain worn out. Have you ever taken a look at your clothing like that?  It’s a real eye opener and something that I just did in my own closet.  Even if I loved something and wore it often I forced myself to purge it if was starting to look a bit tired.  I made a list and even photographed items that I needed to reorder or hunt down, this is something we do for our clients so it was about time that I scheduled to do it for myself!

Bright and Airy Organized Custom Master Closet

This closet is so bright an airy and it has just enough space to hold our clients entire wardrobe.  I wanted it to feel more like a boutique so installed matching hangers, placed like items with like items, and used some of my favorite bins and shelf dividers for a more polished look that will help keep the space organized.  These clear plastic shelf dividers are one of my favorite staples from The Container Store.  They have a small valet knob on them so you can hang a piece of clothing or an accessory when you are planning an outfit or packing for a trip.

Organized Master Closet with Clear Shelf Organizers, One of My Favorite Products!

These linen baskets are another favorite.  They come in a variety of sizes and are neutral enough to blend in but add some texture to a beautiful custom closet space. They are actually meant to be drawer organizers but who says you have to use something in a different way that it was intended?

Fabric Bins to Store Scarfs, So Pretty and Organized!

I realized after I was editing photos that I didn’t get many shots of what is inside the drawers so here is an action shot of my folding things neatly, all like items together in each drawer of course.

Professional Organizer in Action

I did get a shot of this beautiful drawer that I outfitted with this great drawer divider system.  It’s modular so you can make it as wide as you want which was exactly what I needed.  Before I transformed this drawer is was a pile of belts looped through each other but now each belt has it’s own zone.

Drawer Divider for Belts

One more shot, so pretty!

Drawer Divider to Organize Belts, Could also use for Bras, Socks, and Kids Items

Opposite of the side of the closet that you saw above is this beautiful wall.  I love a shoe gallery and I love it even more when it isn’t the main focal point when you walk into a closet.  It takes the right type of shoe collection to make it look good enough to walk into everyday and the truth is that only Carey Bradshaw really has a closet like that.  In Silicon Valley most of our clients have a very practical and casual shoe collection. I’m a toes out organizer when it comes to shoes, how about you?

Organized Master Closet with Shoe Gallery Wall

Organized Shoe Gallery Master Closet

Well, thank you for letting me take you on a quick tour of this beautiful closet.  It’s so fresh and bright with everything in order, I think we met our clients goals don’t you? I hope you take time to get your home in order before the kiddos come home from school.  It’s nice to start with a fresh slate so they have boundaries to work with.


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