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Baby Jackson

My brother Nick and his wife Kelly welcomed their first baby in mid-October. They named him Jackson Nicholas and I finally got to meet him a few weeks ago. I made a quick trip to Charlotte NC to be apart of his baptism and I am so glad I was able to be apart of it. It seems like just yesterday my twin nieces were his age and now they are almost five, I know that time flies and even though we live across the country I don’t want to miss a beat!

My parents were also in Charlotte for the weekend so I was able to spend some time with them as well. We had a great time with my brother and his new family, as well as my brother Christopher who also lives in the area. I tried to capture as many moments as I could and I have found myself looking at these pictures over and over again. I can’t get enough of little Jackson’s smile, I’m sure it will be even bigger when I see him again!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend…

Jackson with Nonnie

Jackson with Nonnie


Jackson was really good at his baptism. My brother put him facing the crowd and he really liked checking everyone out.

Jackson at Baptism

I really love picture!

Nick and Jackson

Kelly’s sister and brother are Jack’s godparents. I love that Nick and Kelly are smiling at the camera in this shot and the godparents are smiling at Jack, so sweet.

Jackson with Godparents

Jackson wore a baptism gown that has been passed down through my mom’s family for at least 5 generations. Because of my birthday (I’m a winter baby and my siblings are all summer babies) I am the only one that wore it in my family. I’ll have to hunt up a picture and compare it to this shot of baby Jack.

5th Generation gown

Chappel Family Shot

Jackson with grandparents

Jackson with Bop

I’m so lucky to be Aunt Midge and I can’t wait to have even more nieces and nephews! I’m only a plane ride away right now (maybe someday I’ll get to be a car ride away…hint hint Chris!) and I’m glad that I could be apart of this special weekend.

Jackson with Aunt Midge

Jackson with Aunt Midge

Jackson with Aunt Midge

Jackson with Nonnie and Bop

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  1. great blog today. those photos are precious. sure had fun and great to see you. keep up the good work.

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