Beach Day and a Simple Quinoa Granola Recipe

One of our fabulous estate sale shoppers invited the entire Kuzak’s Closet gang for a day at the beach.  The original invitation came around May and we decided to finally take him up on it a few weeks ago. (I think my recent trip to Michigan inspired me to relax more). It was such a relaxing day that now I am wondering why we waited so long.  I see many more beach trips in the future!

I have to be honest, I’ve lived in California for 6 years and this was the first time I spent the day at the beach.  Sad isn’t it?

We all brought treats, our shopper George brought chicken salad with Hawaiian rolls and tons of goodies including his version of a Bellinis, Billy brought cookies and tropical drinks, Jennalynn brought a pineapple, and Chris and I brought breakfast parfaits and corona, nice combination right?

Kuzak's Closet Homemade Quinoa Granola Partfait for the Beach

George wanted to teach us how to surf so we arrived at the beach around 8am to catch the morning waves.  It was a perfect morning, not to chilly and the waves were great.  I made homemade quinoa granola and made yummy yogurt parfaits with blueberries to start the day.  Originally the quinoa granola was supposed to make bars but the didn’t set up so I turned them into something else which was pretty darn good.  Click here for the recipe I used and if you don’t have luck making bars either just break up the granola and layer it with your favorite fruit and yogurt all week, it would even be delish on icecream!


Jordan already knew how to surf but he hadn’t been in the water in awhile so George started off by refreshing his memory. Jordan has the blue board and George has the red board…



After Jordan came in Jennalynn got a quick lesson but then the waves got a little too big for the rest of us beginners.  In the meantime we just modeled our wetsuits and snacked on goodies.  Not a good combination considering wetsuits aren’t the most flattering but fun.


At around 11:30am the sun began to poke out and I decided that I was in heaven.  We had front row seats to amazing people watching and gorgeous water views.


Gotta love Jennalynn always repping Kuzak’s Closet! She wanted us to get visors a few years ago so we did and she is still the only one that can pull them off, the rest of us look like poker dealers.  Billy had the best day of his life and George (on the right) was the perfect host.  Billy said he was unloading his truck the night before and his neighbor asked where our sale was the next day and when he replied, “no sale, we are going to the beach,” the neighbor was ecstatic for him.  Billy needed a day in the sun and sand and it was a treat to look away from my book for a minute to see him sleeping in his beach chair next to me.

Group shot of all who went, minus Chris Kuzak who is taking the picture. Looking forward to many more gorgeous days on the water in the future!


One more view…this is the shot I posted on Instagram when we were leaving, hard to believe this is only 45 minutes from my house!

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  1. Follow your site, love to see the estate sale photos. Thanks for sharing your life. I tried to download Quinoa Granola recipe but it wouldn’t come up. Sounds like something I want to make. Yes you and your staff need to do fun things. Great pictures.

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