Golf Bug

I caught the golf bug last May and it’s become my favorite hobby, and pretty much the only thing I’ll take a day off of work to do.  I love how it allows me to unplug, enjoy being outside, and spend time with friends and in many cases strangers that become new friends.

When I started my business, I spent many of the early years alone. Now, it’s the complete opposite. My days are filled with conversations with my staff, with shoppers, with clients, with potential clients and real estate agents in person and over the phone. Constant conversations.  Golf has been a great way to take a break from those conversations and just re-center.

Favorite courses to play: Deep Cliff in Cupertino tops my list.  It’s a small executive course tucked into a sunny spot in Silicon Valley just 10 minutes away from my house.  I always walk it and it’s helped me strengthen my short game. It’s tree lined with a mix of par 4s and par 3s.

Half Moon Bay Golf Links is my second favorite spot.  Chris and I try to play it on Sunday’s when the weather permits, it has the longest two courses within the shortest distance from our house.

On my first round on the The Ocean Course I had a tough long round.  I’ve been working on my hybrid game and I just couldn’t get it in the air on this particular day. Just when I was ready put the round on the books as on of my worst I closed the round with my 40 foot pitch into the cup for my first birdie. Needless to say, that round changed to one of my most memorable rounds ever.

The Old Course is a bit more inland with view of the homes within Ocean Colony. We opted to play it this winter/spring while and although it was a bit soggy with all of our rain the rounds were all memorable.

It also helps that HMB has clam chowder at the turn.  Yum!

I played golf as a child and as much as I regret not continuing to play as a teen and young adult, I’m glad I’ve picked it back up.  I’m a lefty but with right handed siblings I learned to play with right handed clubs and I still play that way. I was able to get started again with my husband’s clubs but the more we played together the more I realized I needed my own set of clubs.  I was just about to go out to buy a set when my friend Arcia gave me a set that used to belong to his sister-in-law.  They are about 10 years old, the old Nike Sumo driver is in the bag, I lovingly call it the Sumo Sushi.  It has the loudest “ting” off the tee which is something my husband and my golf buddies have gotten sick of.  It helped me get into the swing of things but for my one-year-anniversary of playing I treated myself to my first new club, this TaylorMade M Gloire. She is light as a feather and I’ve noticed longer straighter drives with her compared to the Sumo Sushi.

Favorite clubs in my bag: My seven iron and my pitching wedge are my two favorite clubs.  I probably use them too often but they are consistent for me.

Speaking of golf buddies: I love to play with my husband Chris because he is patient and positive. When I first started to play again Chris helped me as a caddy (since we shared clubs) but once I started playing without him I needed to learn how to choose my own clubs wisely.  My friends Gregg and Arcia were helpful with that and have also been helpful in urging me to try new things.

In golf you are typically paired up to complete a foursome so in many cases I’ve had the opportunity to play with strangers.  At Deep Cliff it’s always a hoot to see who I’ll be paired with, could be a 10 year old kid or a 90 year old man.  Either way, it’s fun to walk, chat, and golf with someone new.  In most cases no one asks me about my job, where I live, how many kids I have, it’s just golf chat and I love that.

As the golf bug got to me I started to talk about it more and more and a scary thing happened.  I was asked to play in my first golf tournament.  Yikes! My client Alex asked me to play in a St. Patty’s day scramble at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club.  I was so nervous to play that day but all of my nerves went away when my first tee shot went shanked right into a tree.  I had a good laugh but then went back to basics and played better the rest of the round.

It was the first time I played with a group of girls and it was a great learning experience.  It was nice to hit the ball from the same place as all of the other golfers in my group.  I was able to learn from their club choices and stance.

We didn’t win but we sure looked good!

From this first tournament came my second tournament! My friend Jennie (who I played with in the St. Patty’s Day scramble) asked me to play with her in a charity tournament at the Peninsula Golf and Country Club. We were paired with two men so that was interesting, it was best ball so I feel like our team had a bit of an edge.

It was a beautiful course with great views of the San Francisco Peninsula.

We had a great day in the sunshine and were 3 stokes from winning the whole thing which was pretty darn crazy.

Top takeaway from golf that I’ve learned over the last year: Most people (including myself) are not good at it.  I’ve always watched a ton of golf on TV so I’ve been jaded with how easy the pros make it look.

Speaking of pros, who is my favorite pro golfer: Jordan Spieth is my favorite professional golfer.  He’s been in a slump lately but it’s been nice to see him in back in the top group this weekend at the PGA Championship.

Hardest round I’ve had: I’ve Poppy Hills twice and I think both rounds would tie for the most difficult. The course has a lot of sand and is set up for the ladies to end up in a lot of it.  The course is also littered with regular Pebble locals who speed through so it’s difficult not to feel rushed.

Sandpiper in Santa Barbara was tough was well but I was much more consistent than I’ve been at Poppy Hills. The day we played was freezing and a bit misty so I was thankful to hang in there for all 18 holes.

On one hole I drove the ball as far as Chris, my ball is the soccer ball and his is the white ball in the distance…

Yep, this course was tough.  Lots of opportunities to hit the ball into the water so I was glad to finish the round with my soccer ball still in play.

Goals for year 2: Play more golf, ha! We’ve had a really rainy winter and spring so I’m hoping that the weekends dry up for more golf.  I am hoping to expand my bag beyond my favorite 5 clubs: Driver, hybrid, seven iron, pitching wedge, putter. I need to give the rest of my irons a shot. I really want to play Pebble Beach when I turn 40 so I’ve got a two years to perfect my game.

Cheers to more birdies in my future!

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4 Responses

  1. What a wonderful post! Love how you share about ‘life’, people, values. Beautifully done, with words and photos. Shared this with my husband… the Friday afternoon marshal at Deep Cliff :). Your post makes me want to give golf a try again. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your post! I got the golf bug at 40 and I’m still at it at 64! You’re welcome to be my guest anytime you want to play. I play with a ladies group at Coyote Creek and various tournaments. Good luck:)

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