Holiday Cocktails with Hendrick’s Gin


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means today is one of the most popular days to enjoy a cocktail with family and friends. I am looking forward to a happy hour drink tonight myself knowing that I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow to go to work.  Typically I’m up early on Thanksgiving to get my kitchen in gear but this year we are enjoying the holiday with some friends so it is going to be a very laid back, low stress holiday.  Nothing. Better. Than. That!

Henrick’s Gin partnered with us for our Holiday 101 event with Sur La Table last week and the mixologist opened my eyes to new cocktails that I think I might actually be able to make on my own.  I created simple recipe cards that you can add to your Pinterest boards for holiday (or midweek, ha) entertaining inspiration. The simple martini really took the edge off and was so smooth that I was glad it was served in a teeny tiny glass otherwise I would’ve been on the floor.



Isn’t he adorable! I just loved the bar setup that Henrick’s provided with all of their cute logo glassware.  You can see to the right a framed cocktail menu provided by Amore Paper and Ink.  She used frames from our recent Mountain View estate sale and mounted plexiglass for an awesome look!


This warm drink might help you forget about how chilly this winter is going to be, especially all of my Michigan friends reading this.  I can’t believe all of the snow you’ve already gotten! I love a cocktail that can be mixed on the stovetop, it really warms up the entire house with spicy scents, yum!

Hendrick's Gin Mr. Micawber's Medely

The Kuzak’s Closet gals were great taste testers! I wish we would have remembered to get a group shot of us all together, it was such a fun night!



This punch was my favorite drink of the night and I am so glad they gave me the recipe to share so that I can mix some up at home this weekend.  It has kiwi tea in it so that means it is healthy right? If you read my holiday tips post on Monday and are looking for a signature drink this holiday season you need to give this one a try!

Hendrick's Gin Tropic of Capricorn Punch

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll be back with a holiday style post after the weekend! Remember to shop local this Friday and don’t get carried away with black Friday deals, less is more!


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