Our Home: Master Bedroom

Next up on our home tour is our master bedroom. It’s just off the bathroom (well, everything is just off the bathroom when you live in 900 square feet) and with the changes we made during the remodel it feels like a retreat.  Originally this space was two separate bedrooms but we opted to remove a wall to create a livable room and carve out space for a walk-in closet.

In many parts of the country it would be silly to remove a bedroom when it comes to resale, but here in the Bay Area is doesn’t really make a difference.  In fact, even after our extensive remodel our house would still be considered a tear-down.  It’s just plain crazy here!

I wanted this space to feel like an oasis with lots of light and a neutral color palette that we can add to down the road.  We added sliding doors on the back of the house, in this bedroom and our second bedroom that is on the other side of the hall.  The sliders let in a lot of light and give the house a real indoor outdoor feel. #californialiving! The doors open up to large deck which I’ll share photos of once our landscaping in completed in a few weeks.

We did a smooth texture on the walls throughout the house and added recessed lighting. I haven’t talked about paint colors in previous posts but if you follow me on Instagram at @amandakuzak or @kuzakscloset you know I’ve tested out my fair share of white options.  The wall color throughout the entire house is decorators white by Benjamin Moore in a flat finish.  It’s tricky to maintain because it’s flat paint but it makes for easy touch up.  The trim is super white in eggshell by Benjamin Moore (the same color that we did on the exterior which I’ll also share more about later on).

Here is a before from the corner of the original master (largest) bedroom…

And here is an after once the wall was removed and the two bedrooms were combined.  In the photo below, the wall was just to the right of the window in the corner. What a difference!

Yep, the wall was just between these two windows.  We kept the placement just to maintain the curb appeal on the exterior and I love it.  This little corner is the perfect place to sit and chat on the phone, read a book, or post listings on @shopkuzakscloset (which is what I feel like I’m constantly doing these days).

I really wanted to keep my Duncan Phyfe dressers and thanks to my friend Tami over at Restoration Illumination they look as good as new! This highboy was originally painted black (we bought it at an antique shop in Chicago) and she transformed it into the perfect dark gray.  Love, love, love it! 

I’m hoping to find the perfect piece of art to hang above it soon.  Hopefully the perfect landscape or abstract watercolor comes my way through our estate projects soon!

Old and new, some of my favorites!

My mom sent me the plans for my Grandma Orr’s house for Christmas and I had them framed.  Her house sold just around the time that we started the renovation on our new house. One chapter ends and a new begins!  I’ve always wanted to live in her house but with my business being in California right now it just wasn’t the time to make the move when it went on the market.  It has been in our family for a few generations so it was sad to see it sold but I’m glad I have a little piece of it to great me in my new home everyday.  Maybe someday it will be on the market again!

Under the blueprints is a gray side chair from Bassett and the cutest little table from Anthropologie, the markmaker.  Chris bought it and it was a good call, it’s adorable! My friend gave me the Georg Jensen bowl on top for Christmas a few years ago, love! I’m don’t have a very “modern” style but I love how it adds contrast in the space.

The second Duncan dresser is a long dresser that I found at Salvation Army in San Jose when we moved to California.  I couldn’t believe how similar it was to the highboy I already had! I texted my sister photos and she encouraged me to bring it home.  It was beat up so I painted it a steel blue/grey and it lived in the guest room at our old house.  Tami really worked her magic to make it look exactly like the highboy, talk about perfection! If you have a piece of furniture that needs an update you need to contact her!

On top is one of my very favorite stands to hold my treasures. It’s reclaimed wood with a modern hairpin foot, very California!

So, here are more before and afters…

Once the wall was removed and the house was down to the studs, thank you termites, this was the view looking into the room from the hallway…

Almost from the same perspective, the after…

From the corner of the original master bedroom looking into the hallway…

From the same corner…

Just a quick pause to talk about the bed.  Isn’t it great! I wanted a fabric bed but was going to stick to a simple grey or linen option.  After shopping online and in person I opted to take a risk and do something custom at Bassett Furniture and it turned out better than I could have hoped! It has a velvet frame and a linen and velvet inset.  It looks nice with the Ballard Design (watercolor in gray)/Pottery Barn bedding mix that I’ve got going on and down the road we could add color, print or solid.  Even though it has pattern and texture it’s still a neutral.

Originally there were two small windows on the back of the house so opting to add slider doors let in a ton of light and really increased the access to the backyard.  Just to add perspective on the layout, you can see where the second bedroom is to the far right in this before photo…

And the after, exhale right! The window treatments in our master are different than in the rest of the house.  The fabric on the roman shades and the drapes are the same, a heavy silk with a bit of a sheen to it.  Debra Piazza also helped me in here and I’m glad she suggested that we do something a bit more special than in the rest of the house because they really stand out.

All of the finishes are polished nickel, including the rod and rings.  It’s my favorite finish aside from rose gold but that would’ve been a bit much, ha! 

I opted for wall sconces instead of table lamps to help the room feel light and airy.  I ordered several options from Pottery Barn but settled on the school house sconce. I like the edison bulb look right now but can always swap out for a different shade, they are interchangeable, down the road.

The nightstands are the mirrored nightstands from Ballard Designs.  I’ve had my eye on them for a long time and I’m so happy with how great they look.  The only bad news is that it looks like they are no longer available on their website to order.  Bummer town! They have a nice drawer for PJ storage and the mirrors, let’s say it together..”make the room look bigger”.  Bigger is the theme for the design and decor of the entire home.

My client Eryn from Flowers by Eryn did these arrangements for the photos, gorg! The photos were taken by my friend Kate from JetKat Photo.

The finale photo gives you a peek at the Master Closet that I’ll be sharing next.  Fur Bench! YAAASSSSS!

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