Hot or Not?! Beauty, Skinnygirl, & Dip!

This week my sister was focused on beauty and I was focused on snacks! We never know what each other are going to feature each week so it’s always fun to see how it shakes out! Thank you for you feedback and ideas on products to try, this series is really heating up!

Hot or Not?! is a fun summer series that my sister and I collaborate on. Each week we share 3 items and let you know if they are HOT and worth trying or NOT! Make sure to post comments about your thoughts on our weekly picks and let us know if there are any products out there that you want us to try out this summer! At the end of the series we always giveaway a goodie box of our favorite HOT items so stay tuned to that! This week’s we are featuring a new garden product, some beauty ideas, snacks, and a book, enjoy!

Ashlie’s Picks

My first item for this week’s Hot or Not is a reader recommendation.  I was chatting with my Sister-In-Law the other day about makeup routines when she mentioned that she started to use this Garnier Under Eye Concealer.  She said it gave her a bit more coverage than her current product and with it available at the drugstore I figured I should try it too!  This product is in a roller form and is simple to apply.  Just roll on–pat concealer into place and done!  Garnier Skin Renew can also be used underneath other products if you wish for more coverage.  I loved the way this went on with an easy application and I loved the sheer tint and brightening effect it gave my eyes! Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller is HOT!


My next item on the list is hair tie that my Mom recently found at a little boutique for my girls.  They look cute when worn on your wrist and are easy to put in and take out. No snarls!  Another bonus is they look cute in the hair and don’t slip out easily like some ponytail holders. We have been loving these hair coils at our house for a couple of months.  My daughter Audrey even wore this in her hair during a softball game and it stayed in place.


I was pleasantly surprised when I found the same version of the hair ties at my local Walmart.  As you can see they come in a pack of 5 fun colors and are made by Remington.  They are every bit as cute as the boutique brand and I love that these are wallet friendly! No tears if we lose one! Next time you are at your local drugstore or Walmart give these fun little ponytail holders a try.  Remington Anywhere Hair Ties are HOT!


One of my favorite things about the Hot or Not series is hearing from all of you! Please let us know what products you love, which products you hate, and which products you want us to try out!  My next item is a another HOT for the week.  My neighbor recently gave me this Revlon Gel Envy nail polish to try out. The polish goes on with 2 easy steps.  Apply the color that you pick out and then after that dries apply the clear top coat.  I am amazed at how long this polish as lasted on my toes! I basically live in flip-flops and in the pool in the summer and this nail color withstood the test of time! No chipping! If you are looking for a long lasting polish give Revlon Gel Envy a try! It’s Hot!


Amanda’s Picks

I’ve been watching Real Housewives of New York and I’ve been reminded of all of the Skinnygirl products with their founder Bethenny on the show.  When I saw these little goodies at the store I thought they might be the perfect little treat to pack with my lunch everyday but after a taste test I was proven wrong.  Each pack contains 2 tiny chocolates, similar in size to the old Franco Mints that Marshall Fields used to sell.  For the price of $5 a pack I would say this product is NOT HOT, if you need a little something sweet like I do I would recommend sticking to a piece of dark Dove chocolate, it’s much more satisfying and a better value.


My next item is a yummy dip that I picked up at the Port Austin Farmers Market while I was in Michigan.  For all of you folks who don’t live close enough to pick some up, you can order it online at  They have a variety of flavors and I really didn’t have a favorite, I loved them all. They aren’t too salty like some premade dips and I love that I can just mix the seasoning packet with a little greek yogurt and mayo and viola, a healthy snack is born! These dip mixes are HOT, make sure to stock up this summer!


If you would prefer a homemade option you have to try this garbanzo bean dip with dill and lemon from The 10th Kitchen. I was looking for a light lunch on a Sunday while Chris was out playing golf and I stumbled upon this recipe and it is HOT! Super easy to make and I bet you have most of the ingredients in your pantry and garden.


Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of Hot or Not?! Ashlie and I are both testing out a new gadget to help us with our workout routines so stay tuned!

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