Hot or Not?! eBags, Blue Bunny, & Brownie Brittle!

We hope you had a nice weekend! Ashlie just got back from a trip to Northern Michigan with her family and my husband and I had a low-key weekend at home to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I think we both feel like summer is going by too fast, including this summer series! We have only one more week left before we have start our Hot or Not?! giveaway!

Hot or Not?! is a fun summer series that my sister and I collaborate on. Each week we share 3 items and let you know if they are HOT and worth trying or NOT! Make sure to post comments about your thoughts on our weekly picks and let us know if there are any products out there that you want us to try out this summer! At the end of the series we always giveaway a goodie box of our favorite HOT items so stay tuned for that!

Ashlie’s Picks

Welcome back to another week of Hot or Not! My first item on this week’s list is a bag that I picked up recently on Amazon.  I was browsing their “Deals of the Day,” and this bag/purse by eBags caught my eye.  I read the reviews and measured it to double check the size and finally took a chance and purchased it.  As you can see I bought it in black just because I felt like it would be more versatile. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this bag–it is HOT! Let me tell you all of the reasons…

Ashlie on Hot or Not?!

First of all it holds my “real” camera! This was my number one priority when I ordered it.  I also love that it is a cross-body style of bag so when traveling I can be hands free, yet feel secure with my belongings at the same time.  The bag isn’t too big or bulky yet it packs in a ton of storage!


There are a number of pockets so you can stay organized.  I have space for my camera, phone, wallet, and even snacks for my daughters! The bag is made out of a nylon material so it is easy to wipe clean and the shoulder strap is adjustable so you can maintain comfort while carrying it! The best part about the eBag may be the price. I picked mine up for only $22.  I plan on using this for my camera bag and anytime we travel.


My family and I recently returned from a vacation to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and we did a lot of hiking. If you are in need of a great travel bag I suggest you give eBags a try!  I was always able to bring this bag along and felt like my camera was safe–which meant that even on steep terrain I could capture precious pictures like this….


Speaking of HOT items…it has been HOT HOT HOT in Michigan this summer.  We are doing our best to stay cool.  My girls love a refreshing ice cream treat and when I recently picked up these Blue Bunny Caramel Mini Swirls I got giant smiles from my taste testers!


As you can see from their smiles my girls loved these mini little cones! When I asked them what they liked best they both said, “The chocolate shell!” If you are looking for a little sweet treat, give these Blue Bunny Caramel Mini Swirls a try.  They keep you cool when it’s HOT!


I am going to end my HOT list with a NOT.  It’s August which means that I will be heading back to school soon.  I love that I have a few more weeks left with my girls but I am starting to get sad because I know that it will quickly be ending.  The end of summer is a NOT! Here is a little teacher humor.

need-to-set-up-my-classroom-meme Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.02.44 PM


Amanda’s Picks

Top on my list this week is Brownie Brittle by Sheila G’s.  It’s an item that Ashlie and I picked up while we were together in Michigan earlier this summer and we both loved it! It tastes like the crunchy edge of a batch of brownies which is my favorite part.  It is surprisingly low calorie if you can stick to the serving size, we heard that was a problem because it’s so good! We tried it in salted caramel with a glass of wine for a treat and it was HOT! Be sure to give it a try before the summer is over!


I tried this new budget friendly Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation by Covergirl for the summer when I tend to have more color than normal.  For $7 I only have great things to say about it.  The color matching was easy and it leaves my face looking refresh, not chalky.


It goes on like a moisturizer and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.  This product is HOT, Covergirl is winning a lot of points with me this summer!

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?! with Covergirl

My friend Larry has been staying with us so our washing machine has been working overtime. He just moved into his new apartment in Palo Alto so I’ve been washing all of the bedding and linens from our guest room with my favorite laundry detergent.  I love Mrs. Meyer’s because of it’s compact size and it’s great scent.  Lavender is my favorite but the basil is also very popular.  This HOT item would be extra HOT if you are sending a college student to campus this fall and doesn’t have a ton of storage or have a senior parent who can’t lift large gallons of detergent!

As I mentioned, next week is the final week that we will be sharing HOT or NOT?! items so please keep your comments and feedback coming.  We’ve had a request for a lip stain that we haven’t been able to try, please let us know if you have a favorite that we need to stock up on!

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  1. I have been wondering about that laundry detergent. I am glad that it was a Hot. I need to try it now.

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