Hot or Not?! Hips-Sister, Hairspray, & Boxed Wine!

August is here and this summer is flying by! I’m so glad we have this fun summer series to slow down a little bit each week to take time to try something new to share with all of you! This week we both tried a new product to help us with our workouts, some beauty items, garden gear, and boxed wine, enjoy!

Hot or Not?! is a fun summer series that my sister and I collaborate on. Each week we share 3 items and let you know if they are HOT and worth trying or NOT! Make sure to post comments about your thoughts on our weekly picks and let us know if there are any products out there that you want us to try out this summer! At the end of the series we always giveaway a goodie box of our favorite HOT items so stay tuned to that! This week’s we are featuring a new garden product, some beauty ideas, snacks, and a book, enjoy!

Ashlie’s Picks

I have a love/hate relationship with hairspray.  I hate how it makes my hair feel and how it dries it out.  I love that it keeps my hair in place when it’s needed.  I have never been married to a particular brand and usually pick up a different one each time I have to restock.  I was recently reading a magazine with this year’s best new beauty products.  This Pantene Pro-V “Air-Spray” was a winner.  It’s alcohol free so it won’t dry out hair.  I love that it allows my hair to move while still keeping it under control.  No crunchy hair! Give Pantene Pro-V Air Spray a try.  It’s HOT!

When my sister was in town last month we wandered into Dunham’s and saw this Hips-Sister at the checkout.  We quickly scooped them up and agreed that they would be a perfect product for us to test out for the Kuzak Closet readers! Finding a spot for keys and a cellphone is no fun when you are trying to get your workout in.  This Hips-Sister hugs your hips and fits over your workout pants without a lot of bulk.  Think modern day fanny-pack.  It can easily be concealed under your tank or t-shirt and has two pockets.  This is a HOT gadget for you ladies who love to walk or run and want to be hands free.  Give Hips-Sister a try!


I know my sister appreciates the pocket for her lip-gloss-she never leaves home without it! I also had a friend who used this product while traveling on cruise and didn’t want the hassle of a purse.


My husband and I started a garden this year and we have had to invest in a few things to make it successful.  One of the first things we bought was a sprinkler.  I typically trust brands like ACE and when I picked this one up at my local hardware I figured I would be set. We set it up and loved how it watered what it was supposed to!  To my dismay our sprinkler quit working after that one time use! So frustrating.  So here I am again in the market for a new sprinkler.  Any suggestions?  This Ace Hardware sprinkler is a NOT!


Amanda’s Picks

I also tried the Hips-Sister last week and it is HOT! My of my workout pants and tops don’t have pockets and I feel like I’m always juggling my phone and my keys on walks.  With the Hip Sister the pockets fit everything perfectly and I love having my hands fee!


House key, iPhone, this one pocket, lipgloss and headphones in another!


It fits snug so it doesn’t roll up or down when you move and it doesn’t add any bulk, God knows I don’t need any more bulk! We found this HOT item and a boutique in Michigan but you can find them online too!

My next item is the new Maybelline Dream Blender than unfortunately is nothing like a dream! This gadget soaked up more of the foundation than it applied to my face so I had to reapply, yuck! I had high hopes but in the end this blender is a NOT, don’t waste your money (or your product)!DSC04497

Boxed wine? I’ll be honest, I was suspect but with the entertaining we’ve been doing this summer I needed to find a way to fit more bottle in my fridge! I picked up a Wine Cube of Sauvignon Blanc from Target and I was happily surprised! My friend Larry is has been staying with us for the last month while he waits for his furniture to arrive from New York (yes, he moved back!) and we tried it in unison and loved it! It has a little tap that comes out of the front for an easy pour and for the price of $18 for the equivalent of 4 bottles you can’t go wrong! It’s perfect for tailgates and camping trips! The Wine Cube is HOT, be sure to try it this summer! DSC04492

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of Hot or Not?! Looking forward to some more ideas from you during our final month of this summer series!

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