Hot or Not?! Junior Edition

Welcome to another week of Hot or Not! Thank you all for participating in last week’s edition of Hot or Not?!  The winner of the Mrs. Meyer’s Giveaway is Alissa Meisel! Alissa, please email me at [email protected] with your contact info to claim your prize!

This week is a special Hot or Not?! Junior Edition brought to you by my twin nieces (Ashlie’s daughters) Lilly and Audrey! Over the years they have enjoyed testing items with us for this series and this summer they are old enough to take over the blogging reigns for a post of their own (with typing help from their mama of course).

Our first item are the new McDonald’s MinuteMaid Slushies. The flavors are Orangeade, Cherry Limeade, and Fruit Punch. They are definitely a HOT because they are refreshing and a perfect summer treat!  We tried the Orangeade and the Cherry Limeade and they were both delicious.  Next time you go through McDonald’s give them a try!  We love them.

The next item on our list are these American Girl Magazine Energy Bites.  Lilly has really enjoyed making these and they can be assembled completely by herself.  All she does is chooses an ingredient or 2 from each column and mixes it together.  Once they are formed into balls they get popped into the refrigerator for easy snacking later on. The girls love that they taste like a cookie and I love how they are packed with good ingredients! The American Girl Energy Bites are a HOT!

In April the girls picked out new bikes for their birthday.  They have loved them but they really missed the baskets that were on their old bikes.  After searching we found these cute wire baskets on Amazon.  They simply clip onto the bikes and the girls are ready to ride!  The provide ample storage for water bottles, rock collections, and other finds.  The variety of colors are also a big bonus.  These bike baskets are a HOT! 

This past school year the girls had a teacher who really encouraged Audrey and Lilly to read in their spare time–just for fun!  They read some classics; Charlotte’s Web, Sarah Plain and Tall, The Hundred Dresses….and so on.  At the end of the school year they fell in love with the Whatever After Series.  Each book is about a princess and it somewhat follows the plot of the movie.  For instance Lilly is reading “Bad Hair Day,” which is similar to Tangled.  There is always a different spin on the familiar fairy tale and some modern day magic.  It is fun for me to hear the girls talk about the books together and get excited to read the next one! The Whatever After series is HOT! You can find them on Amazon.  I ordered our set from a Scholastic Book Club.

The girls have been really wanting to try these Bunch O Balloons.  I was always skeptical of whether they really worked and filled 100 balloons in 1 minute.  We gave them a try last weekend when Audrey and Lilly had their cousins over.  I couldn’t believe how simple they were to fill! Long gone are my days of filling and tying balloons until my fingers fall off.  For $7 they are worth the price.  We love Bunch O Balloons at our house! They are a HOT and a necessity for summer fun!

Our last item is a NOT!  My mom bought the girl these Light Up Jump Ropes to use on the 4th of July while waiting for the fireworks.  They were an instant hit and the girls were thrilled to use them.  However after about 10 minutes of jumping both jump ropes fell apart and no longer worked.  It was a great idea and concept.  The same things happened a few years ago when we had light up hula-hoops.  I think we need to stick to the basic product.

Make sure you comment and tell us your thoughts about this week’s HOT or NOT?!   Your name will be placed into our drawing to win a $25 McDonald’s gift card so you can enjoy a smoothie and also a pack of Bunch O Balloons!  All you have to do to win is leave a comment here or on our Facebook post! We love to hear feedback from our Kuzak Closet readers!

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  1. I love that you got the kids involved. I have been curious about a few of those items. Thanks for trying them out!!!

  2. Love this “hot or not” from the girls. Lilly and Audrey really made me smile. Maybe next year they can do more than one blog.

  3. Thanks for the great input. The balloons are a hit at our house. I just love reading your blog!

  4. We have been wanting to try the balloons! And I can’t get over how much Audrey looks like my 8 year old daughter Amelia!

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