Hot or Not?! M&Ms, Tanning Towelettes, & The Weekenders!

Hot or Not?! is back by popular demand! Each Wednesday in July my sister and I will be sharing our favorite HOT items of the summer while sharing a few NOT so HOT items along the way.  We’ve decided to change it up a bit by offering a HOT giveaway each week so you’ll have 4 chances to win, it doesn’t get better than that does it!

Amanda’s Picks

Our temps in Northern California are typically 75 degrees and sunny so most homes don’t have central air (including ours).  This summer we’ve had some extra hot weather with temperatures in the mid 90s so I’ve been trying to avoid turning on my oven to keep things cool.  I’ve found prepping and cooking meals for the week on Sunday nights has me eat healthier during the week because I’m not scrambling to get meals prepped and has limited my kitchen cleanup time which I love! I use weekly recipe guides from Clean Eating Magazine, it’s one of my favorites because they feature mostly vegetarian recipes.

This strawberry applesauce recipe was in their latest issue and it was so good! The recipe made enough for us to have it as a snack all week, I especially loved that I could take it in my work cooler.  All you need is a large pot, 6 apples and 2 cups of sliced strawberries, easy peasy!

This recipe is extra HOT so I hope you can check it out this summer!

Giveaway alert! This next HOT item could appear in your mailbox next week! I love Mary Kay Andrews’ books because they are such quick summer reads.  They always take place in a Southern town and there are plenty of laughs along the way. “The Weekenders” starts to heat up on page 22 and keeps getting better and better.  There is a mystery murder, an old romance rekindled, and lots of family drama, you’ll love it! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and I’ll send you a copy in the mail! This book is HOT!

I love red wine but lately it just doesn’t settle with me so I’ve been looking for alternatives that will offer a splash of relaxation and refreshment.  I figured that this spiked sparkling water from Truly would do the trick because it blends two of my favorite things but I was wrong, this product is NOT HOT! I picked up a 6 pack of pomegranate and a 6 pack of lime to compare but I couldn’t finish a bottle.  It has a lingering syrup taste that I don’t care for and the flavor was more flat than sparkling.  I’ve seen a few other brands that have similar products but am hesitant to give them a try after trying Truly.  If you have a good recommendation for a bottled cocktail that would be light and refreshing let me know!


Ashlie’s Picks

I am so excited to be back again this summer with another Hot or Not series ! My sister and I always have so much collaborating about what products we like and what products we don’t.  My first item has become a fast favorite.  These Loreal Self Tanning Towelettes are a cinch to use.  They come individually wrapped and all you do is simply wipe on.  I have had minimal streaking with this product and the smell isn’t super intense.  I usually shower,  use the towelette to apply the product, and then put on my pjs and head to bed.  By morning you will have a warm glow! I have found the Loreal Sublime Bronze Towelete at my local Walmart and they are about $9 for a pack of 6.  If you are looking for an easy way to achieve a little summer color give this product a try.  It’s a HOT!

My next item is something simple and super sweet.  Oh my are these Caramel M&M’s good! My daughters love them and they are about impossible to keep in the house.  If you are a fan of caramel and chocolate then pick these up next time you are out shopping.  They are perfect treat and are delicious mixed in with a bowl of popcorn.  Caramel M&M’s are HOT!

My last item is also a Hot!  I love these little Better Homes and Garden’s Mercury Lanterns.  The solar panel on top charges the lantern so at night when it starts to get dark out the light clicks on and illuminates the area.  I found the lantern near the outdoor solar lighting in Walmart (I’m sorry I couldn’t find the link online).  The Mercury glass is super sparkly at night and for only about $10 they are a perfect little gift! I recently gave one to my sister-in-law and my mom for their birthday.  The little lantern is HOT!

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway! This week you have a chance to win the Mary Kay Andrews book “The Weekenders” by leaving a comment in this post.  Let us know about a HOT product you’ve tried or would like us to try to just say hello! We will be back next Wednesday to reveal the winner and share a new edition of Hot or Not?! so stay tuned!

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0 Responses

  1. Great hot or not items. Curious about the bronzing towelettes. I will have to give that a try! Would love to read the book! Summer reading is the best!

  2. That applesauce looks amazing! I think my girls will love it too! Definitely going to have to try! I’m hoping the link below works, but one of my fave go too sparkling drinks for summer is our Spiked Seltzer! It’s so refreshing and doesn’t have that aftertaste! If the link doesn’t work, just google it! There is a mermaid on it!
    And last but not least I absolutely love my meecury glass lantern! It gives off the perfect light on my patio table!

  3. Love reading your Hot or Not posts! I like the Flip Flop and Barefoot cans of wine spritzers. They have a few different flavors and they come in small cans, so if I just tired of the kind of I am drinking, I just switch it up with the next can.

  4. Great Hot or Not! I love the lanterns, solar is the best! Also tried other brands of tan towels and I love the control.

    1. Can you believe that we don’t have Wal-Mart’s out here? There are 2 that are like the Caro Wal-Mart circa 1993 but nothing like you have in the ‘Ol Axe!

  5. The book sounds great! I’m always looking for fun, quick, summer reads! And I want to pick up one of those solar lanterns, super cute! 🙂

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