Hot or Not?! Mrs. Meyer’s, Burgabox, & Swiffer

We are back with another edition of Hot or Not?! and before we share our favorites and not so favorites from the week it’s time to reveal the winner of last week’s giveaway! Congrats to Shawn Parola! You are the winner of a copy of The Weekenders, email [email protected] with your contact info and we’ll get a copy in the mail to you this week!

Amanda’s Picks

Last week my sister and I shared some HOT products and it was great to hear from you with input for more HOT products! I am excited to try the spiked sparkling drinks and wine coolers you all recommend! I was too busy to get to the store to pick any up last week which is probably a sign that I really NEEDED one, ha!

My first HOT product this week is also going to be given away to a lucky reader.  There is something that makes my house feel like a home when there is a candle burning and these Mrs. Meyer’s candles do not disappoint, they are HOT!  They burn for over 30 hours and they scent options are all fresh and clean.  These candles are small but mighty! I’ll be sending one to a lucky reader next week so don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win!

I’ve struggle with a bit of insomnia from time to time.  It’s mostly due to being too busy and not taking care of myself and my mind.  I also have a terrible case of endometriosis and fibroids that get me all out of whack, if you have a similar struggle I feel ya.  In an effort to sleep better and stress less I’ve been taking a dose of Calm at night instead of enjoying a glass of wine.  It puts my mind in relax mode and helps with all of my aches and pains, also helps me sleep like a champ.

I was hoping this next item would be a HOT item but it is NOT! I picked up a few of these little Sabra snack packs at the grocery store thinking they would be a great snack to take on the go.  All I saw was the 10grams of protein sticker on the front.

I never thought to turn it around to look at the nutrition but I SHOULD have! These little packs have 370 calories and 20 grams of fat! I think I’m going to go back to making my homemade hummus and enjoying it with carrot sticks.  It’s a lot more hassle but a lot less calories! Don’t be fooled by these little snacks that have as many calories as a meal, they are NOT HOT!

Ashlie’s Picks

This year for Father’s Day I gifted my husband Burgabox.  It’s an online meal kit that is all about burgers! I had the option of many different burgers and fries (there is a gluten free version too!).  The ingredients arrived in a refrigerated box that was filled with clearly labeled items and directions for cooking.  Burgabox was a fun special treat that made cooking simple.  There was more then enough food for us and the everything was delicious and high quality! We loved the fun side dishes too…  Parmesan Garlic Fries and Mac & Cheese — you can’t go wrong!  If you are looking for a special gift give Burgabox a try–it’s HOT!

Each item was clearly labeled and the direction sheet made grilling a snap!

My next item is a Dry Shampoo.  I typically like the Not Your Mother’s Brand of hair products, but this shampoo was not my favorite.  It left a white residue on my t-shirt when I was styling my hair and a heavy film on my curling iron.  I know that dry shampoos do that at times, but this seemed more extreme then others.  Does anyone have a dry shampoo that they really like? I would love to hear your feedback because the one I tried was a NOT!

I recently picked up a new Swiffer starter kit from Amazon and it came with a couple of these Sweeper Wet packets.  I gave these a try the other night as I was doing a quick touch up clean in our bathrooms.  I loved the convenience of these little packets not to mention the cleaning power they provided!  I can definitely see myself using these again when I don’t want to haul out my steam mop. The bonus was I could use this one packet on each of my bathrooms so I felt like I wasn’t being wasteful.  Give these Swiffer Sweeper Wet packets a try.  They are HOT and make cleaning a breeze!

Next week we will be back with Hot or Not?! Junior edition.  My twin nieces, Ashlie’s 9 year-old daughters are going to be sharing their favorite (and not so favorite) items from the summer.


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0 Responses

  1. I felt the same way about Not Your Mother’s! My all time favorite dry shampoo is by Drybar, it works and smells great but the price is a little steep. For a less expensive version try Suave! Works really well for the price.

  2. My kids actually don’t mind mopping duty if they get to use the Swifter wet mop! My daughter takes Calm supplements too and likes it!

  3. Thanks for posting about Calm.

    I recently discovered a natural deodorant that uses magnesium as a key ingredient (key ingredient in Calm), along with essential oils. It’s called “Real Purity” roll-0n deodorant. I’d tried another magnesium based deodorant that… stunk, at the end of the day. This one is a winner so far based on feedback from hubby and son… and me :). Im much happier absorbing magnesium and essential oils every day, vs various other chemicals.

  4. Two bottles of CALM are on the way to my house. Can’t wait to try it! Got one for me and one for a friend. My favorite scent of the Mrs. Myers is the geranium. Love the hand soap and fabric softener but haven’t tried their candles yet. Will now.

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