Inside The Hillcrest Estate

Having the opportunity to spend two nights at the Hillcrest Estate, one of Chip and Joanna’s vacation rentals in Waco Texas was one for the record books.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, Waco or BUST!, I have been regularly checking their Magnolia Stay page thanks to my Google Calendar reminders with no luck for the last year or so. So when 2 nights in August of 2018 opened up I impulsively clicked BOOK NOW one late Wednesday night and the rest is history.

It was a splurge but I consider it to be under the umbrella of professional development.  I mean, all of my interests in one place (many of which we handle on a daily basis at Kuzak’s Closet)…food, project management, vintage, antiques, home remodeling, interior design, the list goes on.

So, let’s go on a tour…

This beautiful Waco estate dates back to 1903.  It sleeps 12, with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.  The dining room and library greet you at the front door and the first impression does not disappoint.  The entire estate features a mix of antique furniture, antique decor and vintage prints mixed with a splash of modern rugs and home decor.  The only let down of the stay was that I can’t live there forever.  Here is a shot of my sister-in-law Kelly, myself, my mom Suzanne, and my sister Ashlie on the front porch…

The estate is located behind a secure gate with an hostess cottage in the back so we felt welcome, safe and secure.  Before our stay I was able to text with the host and hostess to answer any questions and coordinate a check in time.  The earliest time we could check in was 4pm on Monday evening and we were there with bells on.  There isn’t a ton of behinds the scenes coverage of this estate on blogs and social media so I was hoping it was as beautiful as it appeared on the website and I was not disappointed.  When we pulled into the drive and pushed our check-in code into the gate I said “welcome home girls!”

The porch had me at hello! And let me just warn you, if you don’t like Fixer Upper, shiplap, beautiful home design, or remodels…this isn’t the post for you! Everything that is to follow falls into the categories above!

This is the what greets you inside the front door! I love the simple stairwell, the vintage sign, and the iron work…

A vintage newspaper clipping, straight out of a Kuzak’s Closet estate project!

Details, details, details! The house plans are framed above the chair.  Love it!

I love this wall clock and almost bought it when we had the opportunity to shop at Magnolia Home.  It’s only $55 and a total stunner! I just need a larger home to put it in!

To the left of the entry is the dining room and I love how it mixes traditional elements like built-ins and antique french doors with bold paint colors and modern lighting and decor.

After we checked in to the house we headed to the grocery store to stock up on snacks for the evening and we enjoyed wine and cheese at this table.  We were originally going to sit on the porch but I pleaded with the girls to sit in this gorgeous room, especially with the 100+ degree temps.  It was fun to sit, sip, and snack and just soak in all of the beautiful details…

Oh, hey Jo! After watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper for 5 seasons I feel like she and I are just best friends.  Does anyone else share that feeling with me?

Love, love, love this room! While enjoying it I realized it is the size of 1/2 of my house in Los Altos.  Ha!

To right of the dining room, and a straight shot from the entry is this library and it is a statement room.  It is my favorite room in the house, I love the mixed materials, the color palette, and the idea that is a luxury to include in the layout of the home, especially considering it is a rental.

I love that Jo mixed in modern furniture with traditional elements.  The lighting is also amazing, bravo!

Ok, one more…

There are at least 5 fiddle leaf figs in this home and I left wishing I had all of them in my house too.  I think I can get away with at least 1!

To the right of the front door was the first bedroom.  It was dark and masculine.  I love the iron bed, oversized chandelier, simple bedding, and the woodwork.

Hello! Just this sightline has been ready to move in for life!

The bathroom vanity was oversized with a single sink, more modern than the other bathrooms.  The brushed gold fixtures mixed with the shiplap make my heart sing!

Another view, and this time the tile is showcased.  It’s like a menswear collection, perfect!

Next, on the first floor there was a powder room.  It was small but mighty with design elements.  The simple color palette mixed with a busy pattern made it feel larger and more interesting.  I love the vanity and how it creates an illusion of space.

Just outside the powder bath is pencil sketch of the estate.  If you don’t have a sketch or watercolor of your home framed inside your home, GO GET ONE! I love it!

The second bedroom on the first floor felt more like a master bedroom.  It was the bedroom I got to stay in and it was dreamy.  The large canopy bed with the fluffy white linens and painted furniture made it feel like a luxury resort.

All to myself!

The bathroom had many of the elements that our bathroom in Los Altos has.  It just happens to be 4 times bigger, ha! I love the gray vanity and marble counter tops. The tile on the floor had a simple color palette but was really interesting and glamorous.

The large soaking tub took about 45 minutes to fill up, yep, you bet I went for a dip!

Love, love, love this!

Also on the first floor was a laundry room that was out of a dream.  It was huge with lot of storage and a simple color palette, Jo loves black and white after all!

The wallpaper made a statement! I love how busy it is but yet it just blends in.  And don’t forget to take a closer look at the farmhouse sink! Wowza!

The living area on the first floor is centered around the kitchen.  The TV was loaded with recordings of Fixer Upper (you bet was watched them) and the seating was comfy and cool.

I absolutely love the vintage doors that flank either side of the built-in cabinets.  It’s a special touch that helps make an average built-in extra special.

Just past the living room is a game room with a round table and game chairs with cabinets stocked with classic games to play during the stay. I didn’t get a great picture of this room because of the lighting but you can see it up close and personal on the house tour on the Magnolia Stay site.

Just off the kitchen is a casual dining space.  It faces the backyard and the porch, perfect for enjoying cinnamon rolls from the Silos Baking Company and drinking coffee, trust me…

I’ll come back down to the kitchen soon, until then, let’s go upstairs…

The second floor features three bedrooms.  The first is a sweet room with twin beds and fun decor elements.

I love the ceiling details and the wall sconces…

My sister Ashlie face-timed with her girls Audrey and Lilly and this was their favorite room in the house, surprise surprise!

My mom took the second bedroom upstairs, outfitted with a soothing color palette, more shiplap, and more painted furniture.  Our house in Los Altos has original shiplap siding but it doesn’t look as rustic as the shiplap in this estate, love it!

This is one bathroom upstairs that all three bedrooms share.  It reminds me of the bathroom in my Grandma Orr’s old house in North Branch Michigan with the small white octagon tiles and the paneled walls and carved woodwork. Hello Lovely!

My sister Ashlie had the third bedroom to herself.  If you haven’t noticed a theme yet…white bedding, accent pillows, black iron beds, painted furniture, perfection.  I love the paint color in this room, soothing and relaxing.

These pillows are so fun, rustic and more modern than the rest of the elements/decor from this 1903 estate.

Ok, now back downstairs to the kitchen. Love it!

I love the mixed metals, brushed gold, stainless, and chrome.  The cabinets are a light gray with a hint of turquoise/green and the subway tile is grouted with a darker grout that helps them stand out.  It has a similar color palette to our kitchen so it’s no shocker that I love it!

I love the wet bar in the island, the large pull out trash/recycling cabinets, and the glass front upper cabinets.  The farm house sink is also on my favorite list and something we all noticed was how they painted the window trim to match the cabinets.  Who would’ve thought?

I think this part of the home was an addition made over time and the flooring reflects it.  It looks like oak flooring but it is actually laminate flooring.

The kitchen was stocked with muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls from the Silos Baking Company so that was a perk (especially considering the lines to get into the bakery can be hours long). Coffee, juice, and fruit were also included in the stay.

The brick on the right of this photo is where I think the original “back of the house” was…

There are coffee mugs all over the Magnolia sites, all unique to each location.  These Hillcrest Estate mugs were available to guests of the house so of course we had to bring some home!

The gardens and backyard of the property are gorgeous.  With the temps at 100+ degrees we didn’t spend a ton of time outside but we did sip coffee in the morning on the back porch. The fire pit below just wasn’t necessary, ha!

There is a sweet playhouse on the property which according to the articles I read about the estate was there when Chip and Jo bought it.

This little playhouse is more along the size and style of my tiny Los Altos home.  Black door and all!

How sweet is this! 

My sister Ashlie wrote a note to her girls…

The landscaping is really simple, lots of green to contrast with a white exterior and lots of natural wood.

Well, that completes the tour.  It’s it dreamy! Makes me want to tackle another fixer upper of my own, just on a larger scale.  Soak it all in and let me know if you have any questions! It’s really amazing how Chip and Jo have created a world/brand that you can stay, shop, and dine in.  The design themes are all the same and so is the hospitality, perfection! If I could go back, I would!

My third and final post from this adventure will feature our experiences at Magnolia Market, the Silos Baking Co., Magnolia Table, and more so stay tuned!

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