Let’s Have a Picnic

Chris and I have been shopping for a patio set for the last year and we haven’t been able to commit to a style or setup.  Mostly because we are renting and we don’t want to splurge on something that we love risking that it won’t work at our next place.  Also the cost, a table with 4 to 6 chairs is running between $500 and $1,500 yikes!  Now that summer is upon us I asked Chris if he would be up for looking for a low cost picnic table on Craigslist that would be budget friendly and give us the outdoor seating that we need.

Literally two days after we chatted about the idea of a picnic table we saw one for free in our neighborhood.  We were on our nightly walk with the dog when we spotted it so we picked up the pace and headed home.  We hopped in the truck to go pick it up but when we got back to the house that was giving it away it was gone.  We were so bummed that we missed the opportunity and as we turned around to head home I caught a glimpse of the table poking out from the side of the house.   I told Chris to stop and I jumped out of the truck and knocked on the door.  As I waited for the owners to answer it occurred to me that I was probably crossing the line but I really wanted that darn table.  When the owner came to the door he was so excited that we wanted the table, he said he just put in on Craigslist because it had been sitting in his front yard all day.  He helped us load it into the truck and we headed home with our new treasure.

Here is a picture of the table, it needs some TLC but I think it is going to be perfect once we get it fixed up.  I am going to sand it and then stain it, I just don’t know what color to pick.  My instinct tells me to do something neutral but the thought of a bright color would be fun too.

I went looking for some inspiration on Pinterest and here is what I found.  Tell me what you think, should I go neutral or bright?
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2,581 Responses

  1. Neutral would be safe and then you could dress it up with runners, tableware, candles, flowers etc. depending on the occasion. (Although, that rustic turquoise table in the last pic. looks so fun!!!)

    1. My instinct is to keep it neutral, it is made of Redwood so it would be pretty with a simple coat of stain. I am going to start sanding this weekend so we'll see what it looks like under all fo the dirt!

  2. Have you thought of a some kind of foam cushion seat the length of the bench covered in a beautiful fabric? The fabric would then be your inspiration for the color.

  3. My first instinct was color (as you know–I LOVE color), but I agree with Katie. Neutral is better for the larger pieces as you can easily change accessories. It's a lot less expensive and time consuming to buy new placemats over changing the color of the table if you get tired of it!

  4. I love wood and I like to see the wood grain, so I would just stain it in a nice rich stain. Sylvi

  5. That first one you pinned is cute…the light green. Just the right amount of color to dress up or down. Fun fun! Good for you for marching up to that door to go after the table. A great find!

  6. You are so lucky to find such a nice table for free! My first instinct is color, but I love the tan table in the picture. You can then always change the color of the tableware. Great find!

  7. I would *love* to find something like that!!! I say “color” since it was free. . .if it was brand-new (or I paid $50 or so for it) I'd keep it neutral by why not have some fun?!? Can't wait to see how it all turns out 🙂

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