My Shelter-in-Place Routine

It has been over a week since the Kuzak’s Closet office and operations were forced to close due to the shelter in place restrictions in Santa Clara County. It is a difficult time for everyone, both economically and emotionally. At our final staff meeting prior to closing I urged my staff to create a daily routine to help curb the isolation blues and keep the days moving along. I’ll admit it took me a few days to create a new order to my life but after “cracking” (i.e. standing on my deck screaming in frustration while shedding tears) on the third day of staying home I decided it was time to take my own advice.

Each morning I start my day at 7am with a cup of coffee and the Today Show on NBC.  I enjoy the mix of the national news, both serious and uplifting. The show is on for 2-3 hours, I typically don’t watch the entire show but may be on in the background while I make breakfast and start my work day.

There is no longer a rush to wake Harper up for a bathroom break, breakfast, and medication in the morning because neither Chris or I are leaving the house to go to work.  She’s really taking advantage of her new routine, some days she doesn’t get out of bed until lunch time, it just depends on what I’m cooking. She is deaf and blind but her sniffer still works!

Luckily Chris is still able to work and earn and income at during this time. This is his third week being home and what was my home office is now his Google home office. It became obvious to me right away that unless food is delivered to his desk he doesn’t eat so I’ve taken on a new role (unpaid) as the Google home office craft services manager. I deliver breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

While Kuzak’s Closet is technically closed I’m still working behind the scenes.  I’ve been balancing my work day between positive projects like reconciling, blogging, billing, meeting with new clients over Facetime to review estates…

To depressing projects like rescheduling estate projects and working on staff planning for payroll and furloughs. Our shelter in place restriction is currently set to expire on April 7th but as the days have gone by and Gavin Newsom has updated us, it seems that it will last far beyond that.  With the possible unknown extension of our shelter in place I had to make the executive decision to furlough everyone on the team. I know it’s the right thing to do but yuck, not what I ever wanted to do. I’m thankful that unemployment benefits exist but it will be difficult for everyone to make it a fraction of their normal pay. We are staying in touch through bi-weekly Zoom video staff meetings.

Since Chris kicked me out of my home office I rotate from working from our bed to our sofa to our kitchen table.  Just depends on where Harper has decided to nap, I just follow her around. Someone asked me why I don’t go too my office downtown and the answer is that it isn’t essential when I can work from home. There are a few offices open and with the shared spaces I don’t want to risk transferring germs to those who do not have an option to work from home.  

I’ve been receiving calls and emails from shoppers who are struggling without social interaction of our weekly sales so I created a Kuzak’s Closet virtual coffee club.  Our first meeting is tomorrow and I’m excited to see all of the friendly faces!

Aside from office tasks I’m also trying to tackle organizing projects around our house.  It’s only 937 square feet so there is always a small space to rework and make more efficient. Last weekend our freezer got a much needed makeover that I shared on Kuzak’s Closet social media outlets.  I purged, reorganized, and took an inventory so I could properly plan for future shopping trips.  I’ve been limiting my shopping trips to once every 7-10 days, it’s the only time I get in my car leave the house right now.

By the time the afternoon hits the isolation blues also set in so I try to take a few hours to do things that I enjoy and that will keep me busy.  I’ve been meal prepping and baking.  The recipe chocolate chip hazelnut blondies from Martha Stuart’s instagram feed caught my eye so I whipped them up, a hit for the Google home office staff.

My Dyson vacuum has become a best pal during this time! Chris doesn’t understand how I can vacuum so much but with us home around the clock I can’t resist.  The adjustable features have made it handy when digging into my home organizing projects.

I’ve always used Bona floor cleaning spray on our hardwood floors and they recently came out with this all-in-one tool, well worth the purchase. I’ve been using mine daily with the rain and Harper’s antics.

Around 4pm I head out for a walk around what I call “the loop”.  It’s a loop around the Los Altos Country Club and I’ve got 3-4 variations of 2.5 miles that I often double to get me a total of 10,000 steps for the day.  This loop has been a lifesaver.

I’ve walked everyday, rain or shine.  I wait until 4pm to walk because it’s the perfect way to fill that lull in the day.

After my walk I have happy hour and then I go in the hot tub. On some days those two activities are combined into one. By the time happy hour and hot tub time is over Chris is ready to eat dinner. He’s been working extra long days these days with current product launches and the adjustment of coworkers balancing life working at home with children or taking time off due to not feeling well.

After dinner Chris often goes back to work and Harper and I settle in to watch reruns of Dateline. Normally I’m an HGTV watcher at night but those shows make me a little stir crazy right now.  Dateline is more relaxing, may sound creepy but it’s true.  Most episodes are 80 minutes so they take up a nice amount of time and help me avoid watching the evening news.  If I do watch the news I watch about 10 minutes of Cuomo at 10pm on CNN before I switch to Seinfield reruns on TBS.

On nights when I want to stay away from a screen I’ve been reading easy reads. These Mary Kay Andrews books have been a relaxer for me since law school, if you are looking for a fun author who has a ton of books available on Amazon check her out.  I’ve got these two available if someone in the area wants to pick them up off my porch or if you’d like me to mail them to do.

Well, that is my exciting – not exciting daily routine.  I’m sure it looks different from many of yours, especially because we don’t have kids in the mix.  Not waking up at 5:45am to hit the ground running for 3-4 projects and meetings each day is difficult and the loss of income and revenue for my staff and business is devastating but all this is out of my control.  Looking on the bright side I’m thankful that I’ve got a cozy house to call home and a husband that can continue to work and earn an income. Hopefully we can all get back to regular life soon, until then hang in there!

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Amanda on such a nice read . I shall forward it to Alan, who as you know, sees you guys more than I do .
    I can only see this time for you as a beautiful gift for your sweet Harper.
    It was funny as I was reading I thought you said 80 minutes for Date Night each nite ….
    Lovely photos and Thank You for reaching out to each one of us.
    Each day is a gift and a Blessing .
    Stay safe and sane ,

    Rosemary and Alan

  2. Thank you for this!
    This reminds me that I should probably journal one of my days – strange days for sure. Here in TN we can get out to the local parks – that has been a LIFESAVER for us and our dog.
    Wishing you healthy days ahead – and a robust business following all of this.

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