Our Weekend

Most weekend’s I am setting up or holding an estate sale so I really look forward to quiet weekends at home.  I try to take advantage of the time to get things done around the house, try new recipes, and chill out with Chris.

I started the weekend at Pinkies in Los Altos for a mani-pedi and boy did I need it!  After the last few weeks my hands have gotten so dry and banged up at work (spending time in messy garages will do that to you!).  I decided to try a pretty color for a change and I love it, very flashy!

Pretty Mani

After the salon Chris and I had an early dinner at the Los Altos Grill.  It is always totally packed and the food is great.  Our landlord and his wife were also having dinner so it was fun to see them and catch up. We are so lucky to rent from such nice people.

Los Altos Grill

Saturday morning I spent some time tuning up our guest bathroom.  I’ve been wanting to spruce it up by adding some yellow to the mix.  I swapped out the shower curtain and the hand towels, framed some vintage Hawaiian postcards for the walls, and added a few small accessories.



Maybe someday I’ll paint the walls but for now it looks fresh and ready for spring and summer. I bought the shower curtain and the picture frames at Pottery Barn.  The towels are from Target and the I already had the yellow accessories.



Saturday afternoon Chris started cleaning up these two metal patio chairs for a makeover.  They are pretty rusty so they’ll need some work.

Chris working on patio chairs

While he did that I worked on listing the last of the items from a recent “take home” estate project.  My client didn’t  have enough items for a sale so she delivered about 10 boxes to me to put on eBay.  My warehouse looks like an old lady lives in it!

Kuzak's Closet Take Home Estate Project

Later in the afternoon we headed to the hardware store to browse chair cushions and pick up some steel wool for the rusty chairs.  We didn’t find any cushions that we liked but we did find the perfect light fixture for my “she cave”, isn’t it great!

Lamp for the She Cave

We also picked up a meyer lemon tree.  We had one at our old house in Mountain View and I loved it.  There isn’t a spot to plant it in our yard right now but it can live in this large planter for a few years…

My Lemon Tree

Sunday morning Chris made breakfast, he tried this baby spinach frittata with a sweet potato hash crust recipe and it was great.  He is not the quickest in the kitchen, by the time we had breakfast it was actually lunch time but I can’t complain, I’m lucky that he is interested in cooking.

Spinach Frittata with a Sweet Potato Hash Crust

I caught up on my Cass City Chronicle reading (my hometown newspaper) during breakfast.  My mom saves them and sends them to me in bulk.  Lots of news!

Cass City Chronicle

After breakfast we took a really big walk with Harper and stopped into the bike store in our neighborhood.  I’ve been saving for a bike for a year or so and they had the perfect bike in stock today.  I took it for a spin and I was in love!  I had them put a basket on it and the deal was done.  I love how vintage it looks, I put a picture on Instagram and my mom thought it was from one of my estate sales.  I’m looking forward to riding into town for ice cream, the farmer’s market, and fun with friends.

My new bike

After the walk Chris and I worked in the yard for a bit.  Harper didn’t follow me outside and when I went in to look for her this is what I found.  Isn’t it funny that dogs can always find a little slice of sun for a warm afternoon nap?  She is quite the character.


The rest of the day we hung out at home, watched some college basketball and the latest episode of Finding Bigfoot.  Did you know it is my favorite show?  I am slightly addicted and I have become a bigfoot believer, with all of the sightings they have to be real don’t you think?


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  1. Looks like you had a nice weekend. Love the vintage Hawaiian post cards in the bathroom. Where did you purchase your bike? It’s my dream bike for sure. Thank you, Kathy

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