Over the River and Through the Woods…

Chris and I are visiting our families in Michigan all week and we are having such a great time.  Our days have been filled with parties, bike rides, long walks, and fun.  Yesterday I went to my Grandma’s house and took her to lunch which is always a treat.

I just love my grandma’s house, I would love to live in it someday.  It is the house she grew up in, she lived there until she married my grandpa and then she and my grandpa moved back into it years later after my great grandparents passed away.   It has so many cute rooms and little details.  My favorite room in her house is the front bedroom, it is so charming.  My sister Ashlie and my cousins and I always used to sleep in this room when we visited.  I love how the wall paper is navy with white flowers on two walls, and white with navy flowers on the other 2 walls.  All of the bedding and fabrics coordinate with the wall paper.  My grandparents turned the closet into a grandchild’s room, it has a little dresser and a little bed.  This room is so cute, after you see the photos you will want to stay there too!

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  1. Oh, wow……it DOES look like a B&B. How utterly beautiful! I love the cozy feel of it. And those windows – especially that tiny one – are just awesome! No wonder you love being there. Where are you in MI? Hope you had a fun holiday!

    xoxo [email protected]

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