Wedding Recap Week: Family

I hope you aren’t getting sick of my wedding recap posts!  I have already featured the flowers, cakes, and the friends this week.  Today I am featuring family.  It was great to spend time with my family and Kelly’s family.  I rarely get to see any family because I live so far away.  I was sad to say goodbye and tried to soak up as much family time as I could while we were in Charlotte.  Here are some pictures of my family and Kelly’s, enjoy!

Kelly’s brother Michael and
sister Laura
Nick and Kelly with their moms
Nick and my dad (Kelly’s
dad is smiling in the background)
The “original” Sister Sister Sisters!
My mom and her sisters, my Aunt Kim
and my Aunt Shelly.
Kelly with her mom, cousin, aunts and sisters
(l-r, Catherine, Laura, Kelly
Karen, Aunt Cindy, Meghan,
and Aunt Mary Ann)
My brothers Chris, Nick, and Kelly
(look close at Kelly’s handmade
beer cozy made my Mrs. Steele)
My sister and her husband Mark
My mom and dad with my
Grandma Chappel, I am so
glad she made it down for the wedding!
Me and my hubby Chris
The Chappel kids
I think this photo is so cool!  
Mr. Steele was able to sneak 
up and snap it.  I love my brother’s faces
over Kelly’s shoulder.
The Chappel Girls,
We have one more opening!  My
brother Chris is single and if you
are interested let me know! haha!
I am saying that selfishly 
because I want to go to another 
wedding soon!
Kelly and her sister-in-law
Catherine.  It was great to finally
meet Catherine at the wedding. 
She and I have been following each others
blogs for the last few months.  Check 
out her blog here
(l-r) Uncle Tim, Aunt Shelly,
Aunt Kim, Grandma Orr, my mom 
and my dad.  Granny O looked
great an had a fun time shaking
it on the dance floor.
(l-r) My dad, my mom, Grandma Chappel,
Uncle Glenn, and Aunt Cindy. 
Kelly’s brother Jeff and Nick,
I love their facial expressions.
And last but not least, the new
couple, Nick and Kelly.
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