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A Peek Inside the Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery

Posted by Hope, Kuzak’s Closet Estate Sale Specialist and Curator of Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery

Covid-19 has temporarily shut down life as we know it, (including the absence of a good Kuzak’s Closet sale), but I am fortunate.  During these days at home, when I have an itch to explore stuff from the past, I do not to have to look any further than my garage.

Several years ago, I converted my garage into the Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery. What started as a space to display amateur art and studio for craft projects has become a fairly well curated showcase of vintage treasures, rescued from the junk drawers and closets of estate sale homes.

Take a peek!

Welcome to the Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery!

There’s a Vessel for That! History vessels include: dice, tokens, teeth, playing cards, photos, hotel stationery, military, buttons, patches, business cards, matchbooks, pins, pencils, keys, ribbons, rulers, animal figurines, scouting, and many, many more!

The Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery currently houses more than 30 growing collections consisting of the items of every day life.

What’s the story? Some vessels contain bits from a specific estate. I love piecing together the story of the people who lived there.

You’re never alone in the Garage Gallery. The portrait wall changes often.

Q & A with Hope!

Q: What was the first collection you recall starting as a child?

A: I recall having a collection of spun glass animal figurines. They were so delicate and pretty. And then I broke them. Then there were the stuffed animals. And, records. And, and, and, and…I also created scrapbooks early on.

Q: You love to collect amateur art, have you ever taken up painting?

A: Yes. It is not good (not even bad-good.) Several of my unsigned pieces currently reside in the Gallery.I don’t collect traditional art for the quality. I rescue paintings that have been left behind. More than paintings, I enjoy art and design in everything from product packaging, advertising and matchbooks.

Q: Have you ever sold items from the Garage Gallery or do you plan to?

A: At this point, no. I am currently in collecting mode and enjoy piecing together the stories of stuff and their place in our history.

Q: Which portrait would you love to have come to life to tell you his/her story?

A: ALL the people depicted have a story but frankly, it’s more fun to make up the back story of the folks portrayed.

Q: You could have happy hour in the Garage Gallery with three celebrities, who would they be?

A: Rather than hosting celebrities in the gallery, I would much rather have friends and other collectors go through a vessel and find an item that sparks a memory or idea. I’ve had visitors go through collections for hours only to take one item that is meaningful to them. This makes me happy.

Q: What is a collection that you would love to start?

A: Nothing prevents me from starting a collection. Usually I see something in a house that moves me and I take it, research it and begin to look for similar items/themes at sales. I am not in a hurry to “complete” a collection so I when I rescue something, it could be time- if ever- it becomes a collection. I never thought I would have collections of teeth, telegrams, keychains, immunization records and pressed pennies, but here we are!

Q: All of the items in the Garage Gallery are items that you have rescued from estates during the cleanup process AFTER shoppers have shopped. Is there an item that feels like “the one that got away” that you uncovered and displayed during the setup process and it sold? I really do want items to go to good homes, so I try to merchandise them for shoppers to find.

A: I mostly rescue things that remain after sales or things that might be trashed during a clean-up.

Q: Do you keep the collections curbed to the Garage Gallery or do you also have items inside your home? How do you determine what goes where?

A: Let’s just say things move around a lot.

While we continue to stay home, I’ll be sorting and archiving the treasures in the Vintage Rescue Garage Gallery and sharing them on Instagram.

If you want to see more, please follow on Instagram @VintageRescueGallery

Stay safe and healthy everybody! We WILL SHOP AGAIN!

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