Estate Feature: Lajos “Louis” Jambor

This week’s Los Altos Hills estate sale is PACKED with original art by Louis Jambor (1884-1955).  Louis was well known for his religious illustrations and most well known for his cover art for the 1947 edition of the popular book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott.

The pieces that we have available are simply wonderful! There are religious pieces, still life, and portraits available, below are a handful of our favorites…

We are calling this sale a “Jambor-ee” because it is a festival for the eyes! The Jambor pieces will be color coded with index cards illustrating the measurements, title, and price.  Pricing will range from $300-$5,000+.  A full estate preview will hit inboxes in the morning so start your research and your shopping list, this is a sale you will not want to miss!

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One Response

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Do you have any items from this sale as it looked wonderful. I was working so I missed the sale.
    Thank you,
    Roberta Bane

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