Kuzak’s Closet APP

Kuzak's Closet App

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Kuzak’s Closet shopping app! It has been close to a year in the making and will make shopping luxury Silicon Valley estates much more efficient! We will be launching our first app sale within the next week, until then we hope the answers to these FAQs will clarify how shopping with us will be better than ever!

Kuzak's Closet App

Where can I find the App?

You can download the app in the app store, it works with Apple and Android devices.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you will need to create an account to shop with us.  

What does reseller mean? It is asking that question when I register?

If you have a resale license and are tax exempt you will need to check the reseller box and enter your resale number.

Are you charging sales tax?

Yes, we have to charge sales tax on the app platform. 

How will I pay for my items?

Payment will take place in the app with a credit card. You will be able to save your card for future purchases? 

What about Instagram? 

We will still be using @kuzakscloset and @shopkuzakscloset to market each estate project, offer sale previews, post individual items for sale in posts and stories, and also continue with our Instagram live sales. 

Why the app? I don’t like change!

Instagram has been an amazing platform since we launched @shopkuzakscloset in 2017.  It has helped make our private liquidation service a thriving success.  With the pros there are also cons.  The greatest con is that we cannot control what the app allows us to post at all times, our account is locked multiple times per week and we have had to modify the ways in which we post on the fly.  We also have to post one item at a time @shopkuzakscloset which is inefficient for us and extremely frustrating for you.  If you are a loyal shopper and have spent hours refreshing a sale you will love the app.  All items will be posted at once, simply add an item to your cart and make a purchase. No more wondering “did I get an item?”, “I thought I was first!”, “What is a DM?”

What if a shopper puts something in their cart and doesn’t buy it?

There is a time limit on each item of 5 minutes.  Once the item is added to a cart the timer begins.  After 5 minutes the item will need to be purchased or it will be released back into the active items list.

Where is the pickup?

Pickup will still be at the estate where the items have been posted from. You will receive the city information for each sale, once you make a purchase you will receive the address and a reminder for the pickup times.

What if I don’t pick the item up? Can I get a refund?

If you cannot pick up during the stated pickup window please understand that you will not receive a refund for your purchase.  Each Kuzak’s Closet estate project has a tight timeline and we are able to offer multiple fabulous shopping experiences each week because of shoppers who support us and follow the rules.  

What do I do if the app freezes up or I have technology issues?

Technology is our friend…most of the time! The Kuzak’s Closet app is a work in progress. I have spent close to one year planning and building this app and there will always be room for improvement.  What I do know is what I have built so far is a great improvement to the current platform when it comes to ease of knowing what you purchased, improvement of excess of time often spent shopping due to refreshing Instagram, general quality of work/life improvement for my staff due to less time spend posting, altering sale schedules, and time spend messaging. We look forward to you joining us on this journey and we hope that shoppers who have been frustrated with Instagram can join in on the fun with this simple straight forward platform.

When is your first app sale?

We are hoping to launch our first app sale within the next week, until then download and register on the app and stay tuned for updates and notifications!

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