Kuzak’s Closet Private Liquidation Service + Covid-19

Our private liquidation service has been our most popular estate option since 2017. Our clients love the efficient broom swept results and the privacy they are able to maintain by only having shoppers who have made an online purchase through @shopkuzakscloset receive the address for pickup.

With Covid-19 forcing us to press pause for a few months, it allowed us to revamp this popular service to ensure the safety of the staff and shoppers while still being able to guarantee the service that our clients love us for. Our private liquidation service will be the only estate service that we will be offering for the remainder of 2020.

How has our private liquidation service changed now that Covid-19 has forced us to create a new normal? The greatest change is that shoppers are only allowed to pick up curbside at the estate, the only people allowed in the estate are the Kuzak’s Closet staff members.  Timelines have shifted from 2-3 days to 2-4 days depending on the size and complexity of the estate.  We will not be sending out e-blasts to notify you of private liquidation events at this time. Instead, we ask you to follow @shopkuzakscloset on Instagram and set notifications for new posts. Each estate is mapped out for social distancing for the staff and with smaller estates, we have to limit the team size in some cases to 4-5 team members rather than our large team of 12 being able to work together. Masks are required, hand sanitizer and disinfectants run aplenty. We are no longer able to donate large volumes daily, the donation runs have to be spread out and we are opting to work with local small business owners who are interested in purchasing larger volumes from the estate to stock their shops.

Last week we organized a large estate in Boulder Creek and today’s post illustrates how the Kuzak’s Closet private liquidation process delivers the same fantastic results with the changes we’ve made for Covid-19 in place.

Boulder Creek is a neat town located in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Our clients moved there from Beverly Hills eight years ago to retire.  Life threw them a curve ball they now need to move to assisted living so they are opting to liquidate and sell the estate.

The estate consisted of a four bedroom house with huge basement storage room, basement apartment, and barn. The basement storage area was filled with treasures, many that had never been unpacked from their move eight years ago.

Our private liquidation service starts with the Kuzak’s Closet team dividing up to sort and process zones. Our goal is to divide the zones into what has value and can be sold online, box up what can be donated, bag up what can be processed for trash and recycling. We also handle battery recycling, hazardous waste recycling, and shredding.

Our clients grew up in Hollywood, his father was a costume designer for the Mary Tyler Moore Show and he was a child actor and worked on set design for movies like Jaws 2 and Caddy Shack.

One benefit of the updated private liquidation model due to Covid-19 is that we don’t have the pressure to sort through each zone in record time so that shoppers who make a purchase online can shop in person when they arrive to pickup. With smaller team sizes and social distancing we need all of the time we can get, especially with a basement like this that is full of treasures!

Once each zone is sorted items are drafted and listed on @shopkuzakscloset for sale.  We have also been utilizing online apps like OfferUP and Craigslist to find homes for items that are tricky to sell like mattresses upholstered furniture.

Two really fun listings that we had were Hollywood related, these scripts from The Mary Tyler Moore Show were snapped up in a flash.

Inside each script were the notes from the costume department, amazing!!!!

We also had a Jaws 2 lot with three scripts, notes, and photos.

Items listed and sold are placed outside on tables for curbside pickup.  Shoppers are able to pay online so we can limit contact, they can also pay with cash if it’s in a ziplock bag. If they would like to inspect the item they are allowed to do so and load it on their own. If they would prefer to stay in their car while we load the item for them that is an option as well. All of the details are ironed out through direct message on the apps.


This handmade dollhouse was also a hit! It was made by our client’s grandmother and it was packed with furniture and accessories.

Check out the rug and the rocking horse, there was also a suit of armor!

These buyers snagged over 2,000 records and we loaded them up, talk about contactless service!

These buyers snagged a few pieces of antique furniture, they stayed in their rental van while we loaded the items for them.  We suggested they rent a van so they didn’t need to make multiple trips, efficiency is the name of the game at Kuzak’s!

As shoppers are picking up we are working on processing the categories that have been sorted in our fleet of trucks.  We processed hazardous waste, shredding, recycling, trash, and donations out of this estate.  We have been doing a great job of what I call “trash prevention” by utilizing free ads on local sites for items like bricks, mattresses, and bulk items that are useful but do not have much value.

At the end of our service the estate is left broom swept and empty.  That includes the residence, garage, patio, and backyard.

Another empty estate!







We’ve adapted and limited service options to allow us to provide a safe and effective estate solution during this scary time. The precautions we are taking will allow us to get back to work and hopefully stay back to work so that we can continue to provide the service that our community depends on.

That’s a wrap on our Boulder Creek project! Thank you for walking through how we have updated our most popular estate service. Stay safe!

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