Fourth Of July No Bake Dessert

no bake fourth of july dessert

Fourth Of July is such a fun holiday to spend with family and friends. Usually involving an outdoor setting, like a BBQ or picnic, easy set-up and clean-up is a must for this day because you wouldn’t want to miss the fireworks now would you?!

Consider a no bake dessert for the occasion. Focusing more on the presentation than the actual execution can really save you a lot of last minute rushing and even possibly dessert disaster. Angel Food Cake is a great oven free option for you can buy the cake pre-made in store as well a summer style topping like fruit and whipped cream. For our dessert we choose to use mini pre-made cakes, setting up a “make your own” dessert bar using some vintage enamelware. Having a shabby chic feel, a set of enamelware can make a great set of serving dishes. Its clean but lived in look will make your food pop.

Vintage enamelware dates all the way back to 1760 and comes in many variations. When shopping for enamelware, weight and sound can help you figure out the era it was made in. For example, an enamelware coffee pot from the beginning of the 20th century is noticeably heavier than one made after World War II.  Furthermore, if you tap the bottom of a brightly colored enamelware mug with your fingernail and it sounds tinny, it was probably made in the 1970’s.  An important variation of lightweight enamelware is grainteware, which has a speckled surface. Patented in 1848 by New York inventor Charles Stumer, graniteware is also known as agateware and speckleware.

No bake fourth of july dessert
No bake fourth of july dessert

This weekend’s estate sale in Mountain View has an amazing collection of bakeware, which includes an extensive collection of graniteware. All items pictured here will be for sale as well. Stay tuned to the blog as the full preview of our Mountain View Estate Sale will be up on Thursday!

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