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Last week I did something that I have never done before, I held a demolition sale.  One of my clients is tearing down an old rental building on her property and wanted me to sell some the appliances.  I went over for a consultation and suggested that I hold a demolition sale.  It was a success, I was able to sell things like the thermostats, the garbage disposal, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, appliances, water heaters, fixtures, windows, doors, and much much more.  I had fun watching the customers take everything apart and negotiating the prices while trying to sell them everything I could.  Check out the footage I was able to capture…

This customer was removing the back door.  He was such a friendly guy,
happy to find a good deal on items for his house.
He also bought 2 water heaters. I told him he should get both
so he could have a backup. (I swear I could sell sand to the beach!)
The utilities were off but the heaters were still full of 
water so we had to drain them.
He originally came to buy the washer and dryer for his 
daughter’s apartment but he ended up with 3 truckloads of stuff. 
This customer was happy to buy the gas stove for one of his rental units..
This customer took some of the kitchen cabinets…
I was impressed that he removed them so nicely.  
However, he didn’t bring a very big truck and instead of taking 
2 trips he loaded it like this…what a disaster! I told him not to be 
offended when people pulled off the road when they saw him coming, 
he was an accident waiting to happen!
He should have been smart like the Stanford students
who came to buy this refrigerator…
For this 1 item they rented a U-Haul, how smart are they?  
They lived with 7 people and only had 1 fridge so they
were excited to get another one…
Overall it was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again.  It was fun to try something new and help my client get rid of her unwanted junk while putting money back in her pocket.
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2,728 Responses

  1. My brother is often flipping houses…this is an idea I'm sharing with him! Thanks for sharing! Smiles!!!

  2. FABULOUS work! So glad Amanda was able to help us get rid of the items and help find new homes for the usable goods — much better than going into a landfill — and money in our pockets!

  3. that's cool…i cleaned out my garage today, listed a few items tonight on craigslist and hope to unload them tomorrow and make a few bucks!

  4. There was a tv show about this for a brief while. wish I could remember the name. A petite woman from Chicago – all energy. Oh what is her name! She does house autions before they are demo'd. It was such a fun show to watch. Some times she would “visit” the old stuff in its new place. I so much wanted to go to one of her auctions. If only I had a truck.

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