Jewerly Organizing Tips with Before & Afters

One of my client’s was storing her necklaces like this…

As you can see, they were in a big pile on the counter in her bathroom along with lots of other junk. She wasn’t able to wear any of them because she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the tangled mess that they were in!

During our session I noticed that she wasn’t utilizing the ironing board closet in her dressing area and I suggested that we utilize the space to hang her jewelry.

I suggested that we install Command jewelry hooks but as we sorted through all of the jewelry on the counter top and in one of the drawers we found a few packages of these hooks.  It was my lucky day!  I love it when I can use products that my clients already have on hand because it saves time and money.

I measured the inside of the cabinet and the necklaces so I could plan out how far apart the hook should hang.  I was really happy with the finished results, her necklaces are now hanging neatly inside the cabinet making them very easy to find.  Now she can accessorize in a flash, gotta love that!

I also love that the amount of hooks limits how many necklaces she can keep.  Having space limits when you are trying to stay organized is so helpful because it cuts down on the amount of things you can store.

The results are great! If you are looking to replicate this project with your jewelry I would suggest using the Command jewelry hooks because they are budget friendly and easily removable.  The hooks I used in this project might damage the wall if they are removed.  If you have any questions about this project or would be interested in working with a Professional Organizer please send me an email.

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3,327 Responses

  1. What would you recommend for someone with a similar problem, but who does NOT have the handy ironing closet to hide them in?

  2. Thanks for your question! I would recommend using the back of your closet door or the inside of a cabinet in your bathroom. Also, depending on how your closet is set up you could have a little jewelry nook in a closet cubby or on the wall.

  3. I just saw an article in Smart Shopper (consumer reports) where someone used a bunch of different metal hooks (like coat hanger hooks.) I thought of you right away! Love the results!

  4. I did attach hooks like that to my wall once and yes, when I took them down to paint (my husband) had some patching to do!!! I bought a canvas and plan to paint it the same color as my walls, then hang the hooks on that behind my bedroom door. That way, I will be able to move them if I ever want to do anything else in that space. The ironing board closet was a *great* idea!!!

  5. I'm just a wee bit jealous of how large her necklace collection is! What a great way to organize and display it, too!

  6. Looks very organized and attractive. I inherited boxes and boxes of vintage jewelry and scarves and I feel paralyzed when trying to organize. So for over a year now, the boxes still sit in a closet hidden away.

  7. I wish I had an ironing board space like that. I am looking at making something for behind my bedroom door, since I do not have a walk in closet. I want it to be moveable and reusable, in case I change my mind down the road. I just found your blog and am now a follower

  8. I love the idea of using the ironing board closet to hang all those beautiful necklaces. Thanks for linking to We're ORganized Wednesday.

  9. Which size of command hooks to you recommend specifically. I went on Amazon and there are several.

    1. Hi Sylvi! There is a small size for electronics, it is clear, that works for lighter necklaces. Otherwise I use the standard 1 or 1.5 inch white hooks.

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