NAPO Conference

Over the weekend I headed to Napa to the annual regional organizing conference with my organizing buddies.  I’m sure you are thinking that we all get together and compare label makers and have races to see who can sort through a box in record speed but in reality it is a great event for professional development.  There were over 150 local organizers present and I left with some great ideas and a list of to-dos to improve and expand my business.

I drove up with my friend Lori from More Time for You.  It was great to chat about the projects that we are working on and brain storm about how to make things better.  We drove through San Francisco on our way to Santa Rosa and enjoyed a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way.

We made it to the conference in time for a Q&A session with local authors and a cocktail party.  My friends Michelle from Organomics, Melissa from Feeling Organized, and Stacey from Timestyle Coaching joined Lori and myself for dinner in the nearby town of Healdsberg.
Michelle made reservations at Campo Fina, an italian spot with great pizzas and small plates.  I definately didn’t stick to my diet but who cares!  I meant to get a picture of us all together but I totally forgot after the wine was delivered to the table, go figure!

The next morning the conference started bright and early.  I decided to wear my cute Zara blazer for the event (sorry I cropped out my head but this picture was taken before I had my morning latte, ha!) I wore it with black slacks and a cute pair of gray striped heels.

The keynote speaker was Julie Morgenstern which was exciting.  She is probably the most successful organizer in the industry.  Her talk was about reaching your potential and becoming a go-to-expert.  I took lots of notes and came away with a good feeling about where my business is currently at and where it has the potential to go.

During the day I attended three breakout sessions.  The first was about expanding your business into a multi-person business.  I have a few people working for me now but I really need to get to the point where I can have 1 or 2 other organizers helping my clients too.

The second session was about clearing the mental clutter.  The speaker reminded all of us how we impact our client’s lives and the value that we bring (we all need to be reminded of that from time to time.)

The last session was about helping couples achieve their organizing goals.  The speaker works with hoarders and chronically disorganized clients like I do so I could relate to a lot of her case studies.

I wish I would have taken more photos of the day but there were so many people to meet and lots of things to learn.  Lori and I drove home together and didn’t stop chatting about the conference for the entire 2 hour drive.  I have been to conferences like this before and have been disappointed with the session topics or the speakers so I’m glad that I was able to come home with lots of ideas swirling in my mind.

These are my top three to-do’s (some long term some short term)

1. Wrap my mind around hiring an additional organizer and begin a search.
2. Drill down and define my niche in the industry and who my target market is.
3. Develop written organizing guides and processes so I can delegate more effectively

I figure if I share these goals on the blog I have all of you to keep me accountable!  Thanks!  Have a great week and I’ll be back soon with some more great before and afters from last week.

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