Bodymetrics at Bloomingdales

Yesterday I met up with my friend Jamie and her little girl Lili for lunch at the Stanford Shopping Center.  We ate at The Palo Alto Creamery which is right next to Bloomingdale’s so we walked through the store before we headed home. I saw on the news this week that they were featuring a new technology called Bodymetrics, a system that will scan your body and suggest jeans that fit your body type perfectly.  The idea of not having to spend an entire day pulling on jeans that I can’t pull up over my thighs is appealing to me so I thought I should give it a try.  

I wasn’t planning on doing it right then but Jamie talked me into it and it only took 5 minutes.  She insisted that it would be fun and that I should blog about it (good thing because I didn’t have anything planned for today).

I had to register my information and sign privacy docs before I stripped down into the full body scanner. I am a little nervous that some engineer somewhere is going to see me in my undies but who cares, ha! I stepped inside and stood where the footprints told me it.  It was very similar to getting a spray tan if you have ever done that.

After I came out of the scanner my sales gal greeted me with an iPad showing me the jeans that would look best of my body type.  I didn’t have time to try them but I will probably go back to take a longer look.  I was happy to see the jeans that I was wearing that day were on the list, lookin good! 

An awesome detailed report was sent to my inbox with suggestions for fit and shape when I am shopping.  It pointed out my best features, what I should look for and what I should avoid.  They didn’t give me a size to look which I would have liked but maybe that technology will be available in the future.

Here is a copy…


  • Waist is defined and curves inwards.
  • Look for a snug fit at the waist with no gaping.
  • A good fit should feel comfortable yet cinched at the waist, pulling you in so you should not need to wear a belt for the jeans to stay up.
  • A slight pull at the back of the waist of the jeans will lift and slim your seat.


  • Mid rise is the most flattering as it keeps you body looking balanced.
  • Low rise will elongate your torso, highlighting your waist, making it appear smaller, and more defined.
  • High rise waist will shorten your waist and draw the eye to your widest part, adding curves.

Hips, Thigh and Seat

  • Best asset is your balanced and shapely hips, thigh and seat, in proportion to waist so make sure you emphasize it at every opportunity
  • Opt for a snug fit on the hip. Avoid garments which are larger and baggy in this area as they will make your silhouette look fuller.


  • Select thick to medium weight denim for support and shape.
  • Look for denim with a small amount of stretch to provide comfort and a better fit. Stretch can go a long way in helping you find your best fitting jeans..


  • Opt for light, medium and dark washes with minimal fade and distressing to maintain balanced proportion.


  • Select styles with some pocket detail to maintain shapely contours and lift seat.
  • Ensure the pockets are always well centred and proportioned for your seat
  • Pockets should not be too big or small.
  • Ensure the fit under your buttocks is form-fitted without too much excess fabric. One or two creases is ideal. Extra fabric in this area can look shapeless.
  • Classic yokes will maintain and emphasise you natural shape.
  • Styles that flatter shape include: Regular pockets, pockets with darts or flaps, occasional detailing such as embroidery, embellishments and subtle, faded markings.
  • Styles to avoid wearing as they will exaggerate your shape: No pockets or detailing


  • Maintain the shapeliness of your calves, by opting for styles that compliment your shape.
  • Balancing your calves will streamline and lengthen the appearance of your legs.

Leg Cuts

  • How to wear them to flatter you
  • Peg & Skinny

    • Wear tight fitting on ankle.
    • Hemline should hit on the ankle to balance leg shape.
    • Avoid wearing an oversized fit on the ankle, as it will alter the balance of your leg line.
  • Straight & Drainpipe/Cigarette

    • Straight cut is more generous on the leg to conceal and maintain shapely carves.
    • Drainpipe cut is slim on the leg to emphasize shapely carves.
    • Hemline should be on the top edge of your shoes to lengthen and elongate legs as well as balance out figure.
  • Boot

    • Boot cut is ideal for balancing out curves. Wear a 16″ boot hem opening to slim and balance your legs.
    • Avoid wearing a hem opening above 18″ as it will appear over-sized and out of proportion to figure.
    • Hemline should be worn long and hang comfortable over your heel and end about 1cm to just off the ground regardless of shoe style.
  • Wide

    • Wide cut conceals legs and are great for more tailored or relaxed look.
    • Hemline should be worn long and hang comfortable over your heel and end about 1cm to just off the ground regardless of shoe style.
  • Leg Length

    • Legs can never be long enough so elongate legs with:
      • High-heeled, platform or wedge shoes and boots.
      • Lighter and tonal shoe colours such as nude, beige, camel, grey and metallic.
    • Avoid wearing shoes of that are dark, bright and contrasting colours as you will create foreshortening
    • Visually elongate the leg with a vertical front crease to draw attention to the length.
    Here are the 4 pair of jeans that I like best from the list they sent to me.  If you are near Bloomingdale’s near the Stanford Shopping Center you should give it a try.  They will have the scanner in store for 3 months.  I also saw on the Bodymetrics website that you can give yourself a scan at home through your television with a Microsoft Kinect game system.
    AG Mid Rise Skinny Jean

    Dita Petite Jeans by Citizen (which I already own)

    Flap Pocket Petite Boot Cut by Hudson

    Kimmie Bootcut by 7 for all Mankind

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    1. Very cool technology! Would be nice if they could tell you the size in each style because they always seem to be different.
      Will have to give it a try soon!

    2. Nice that you already own one pair they suggested for you – means you have good taste!

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