December Sponsors

This month I have 5 wonderful sponsors!  Each one of them has a great story and service, please take a minute to check out their websites/facebook pages/blogs and say hello! If you are interested in sponsoring Kuzak’s Closet please email me today for pricing and specials!

Erin Modrzynski established her business, Molly & Gordon, after a ten year design career in corporate advertising and marketing.  While working for high-profile clients was fast-paced and exciting, once Erin had a family, she realized she was ready for a different pace and a more personal client relationships. Molly & Gordon offers custom stationery (including weddings), party/event accessories, and custom home decor and gifts.  You can click over to check out her Etsy shop (new holiday cards available!), but she also welcomes custom orders.  Or LIKE Molly & Gordon on Facebook for product updates.  On top of the custom shop, Erin also keeps her design skills sharp by taking on corporate freelance jobs, so if you happen to be looking for a new corporate identity or a promotional materials for your business, she would love for you to check out her portfolio and contact her at erin.modrzynski[at]

Established in 1995, Rob McCarthy, owner of 101 Loan, has been practicing real  estate financing for over 20 years and is considered one of the top  mortgage brokers in the business with over 3000 closings and over $1  billion closed in loan volume.  In addition his support staff have also  been in the business for over 20 years each and is considered the best  of the best!  At 101 Loan, we not only help clients understand their financing options  long term and short term, we also have access to over 45 lender  resulting in the lowest rates, lowest fees and timely closings. Stop by our Yelp Page for a coupon for a free loan preapproval and say hi on Facebook.

Founded in June of 2011, TheModeLife is comprised of a group of young, professional women who sought to express themselves in a creative and influential way. We post articles 1-2 times daily written by real women with honest and refreshing perspective on life. Our current topics of discussion include fashion, relationships, health, technology, food, lifestyle, home, and current events. We also feature a book and mantra of the month.  We currently have 37 contributing writers from all of the United States (including Amanda from Kuzak’s Closet).  You can find us on Twitter, as well as Facebook, and subscribe to our RSS feed to receive daily updates.

 Your Weight Your Life

How would you define weight loss success? It’s usually described as the process of having lost weight. However, if someone loses weight only to gain it back again months or even weeks later, is that truly weight loss success?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that at any given time, two-thirds of all American adults are trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain. However, only 5% of these individuals will be successful at keeping the weight off. So what happened to the other 95%? Those people were on a diet and diets don’t work. For true weight loss success you must make a lifestyle change. This requires learning what’s in the foods you eat and how some simple, sustainable changes can make all the difference.  A lifestyle change allows you to both lose weight and have the knowledge necessary to maintain that weight for a lifetime. At the end of the Your Weight Your Life program you’ll not only be on your way to the weight loss you want, but you’ll have the confidence you need to make sure it stays off for good. That is the true definition of weight loss success.  Stop by my website for a free consultation offer, we can work together locally or on Skype.  Also, become a fan on Facebook so you can keep up with our latest offers and videos.

PowerFlare Corporation exists to create and build superior products for public safety professionals and related applications. The PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon was invented by an officer from a municipal police department in Silicon Valley with the objective of eliminating the danger, difficulty in use, and needless cost of old-fashioned road flares. PowerFlare Corporation’s experienced engineering team with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and optics converted this concept into a rugged design incorporating cutting-edge technology. The purpose of the Company’s products is to help prevent accidents such as shown in the picture below and to save lives.  They are used can be used by military and govenemtn professionals as well as everyday citizens as a flare or lantern in case of an emergency.  I keep on in my car kit and in my earthquake kit and so should you!  Call 1-877-256-6907 for more information or to place an order.
If you are interested in ad space for the New Year please email me at [email protected] for pricing and specials!
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