DIY Fall Wreath

For the last few weeks I have been looking for a cute fall wreath to hang on my front door but I have not been able to find anything! I have been to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, and Williams Sonoma to name a few places  and the only wreaths I saw had skulls and witches on them.  I am not a big Halloween fan so that wasn’t going to work,  I wanted something I could put out now and keep up until my Christmas decorations go up in December.  Finally, I decided to plug in my glue gun and make my own!

I bought a basic grapevine wreath at Michael’s for $9.99.

I splurged on two rolls of brown and gold glitter ribbon ($3.99 per roll) and this cute package of potpourri.  I know, potpourri isn’t something you would normally use to make a wreath but the price was right at $5.99, plus the miniature pine cones and pumpkins were too cute to pass up! The bonus of using potourri is that my porch now smells like cinnamon.

I used my hot glue gun to adhere the ribbon to the back of the wreath and then I wrapped it all of the way around the wreath.  I originally had it criss-crossing but I decided to keep it simple and just wrap every 3 inches.

Then, I hot glued the miniature pine cones on the right side of the wreath, layering them nicely on top of each other.

To finish it off I put the three tiny pumpkins together, I love how they add just a touch of color when you are up close.

The grand total for the wreath was $25 which is much cheaper than anything I would have been able to find out shopping.  I am really happy with how it turned out and it has inspired me to start thinking of fun Christmas wreaths to make!

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  1. Very cute, Mandy! I bought the same bag of potpourri just yesterday- to mask the smell of Apple Cider Vinegar, lol. I'm in the midst of making my Halloween wreaths. Gotta love fall!!!

  2. What a great wreath!! I love those pumpkins on there too- perfect touch! I love to buy that cinnamony potpourri too~ smells soo good! I'm having a decorating inspiration party- Feathered Nest Friday- if you want to join in- this is a great inspiring project! 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!! My friend and I used to make pinecone wreaths several years ago, but with the wire wreath frames. I like yours on the grapevine! After Halloween you can pop the pumpkins off, add some red berries and you are good to go through the Christmas season!! Visiting through Strut Your Stuff!

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