DIY Picture Frame

Back in January I brought these fruit drying racks home from a large estate that I was working at. They were tucked away in the loft of a barn and it was pretty amazing that termites didn’t completely devour them!  Someone suggested that we put them in the dumpster but I suggested that we put them out at the estate sale I was having.  My sales pitch to buyers was the idea that they could make picture frames with them and they quickly sold out (I am so glad I put 2 aside for myself!).

This is what they looked like before, lots of potential…

I wanted to create something that would encourage me to print more photos and allow me to switch things around frequently. My idea was to install eye hooks on the sides and wind twine through so I could attach clips for pictures.  Chris helped me with this project and here are the steps…

1.) Start with a few simple supplies: twine, eye hooks, a hammer, binder clips, and a can of spray paint.

2.) Measure the frame and decided where to install the hooks.  With the measurements of the fruit racks we decided to install the first eye hooks 5 inches down, then the next hook 10 inches below the first, and the last hook 10 inches below the second.  So 5, then 15, the 25 inches.

3.) Used the hammer to start the eye hooks.

4.) Screwed the hooks into the sides of each rack.

5.) Wrap the twine through the eye hooks.

6.) We decided it looked best if we wrapped the twine 5 times.

7.) Double knot the ends and trim off the extra twine.

8.) Install picture hooks on the back of each rack.

9.) Admire your handy work.

I looked at a few office supply stores for cute binder clips but I came up empty handed.  I decided that I would just buy the standard silver ones and spray paint them chocolate brown to match our living room.  I also wanted them to blend in with the frame, if you are more daring you could use just about any color that you like.

I laid all of the clips out on cardboard and sprayed away.

I really love the magic of spray paint!

I printed my photos in a variety of sizes with a matte finish so they wouldn’t reflect the light.  After I fiddled with the layout I clip them up to each row of twine.

It is so great to have some of our favorite pictures up, it makes our living room feel more like home.  I mixed in old family photos and wedding photos with shots from our recent trips to Napa, Tahoe, and Michigan.

These DIY picture frames will be fun to display holiday cards too!  It will definitely be fun to keep changing things up.
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  1. I love this project! They would look great in my house! And, I love taking photos so this would free up the fridge which is always COVERED in photos. Check out my 1909 Home Tour when you get a chance. Cheers, Mgal

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