Freezer Favorites

Many times when I help my clients organize their kitchens and refrigerators, I notice that they don’t have their freezers stocked properly.  They either don’t have anything in it or it is stocked so full that they can’t get anything out.  The key to using your freezer effectively is having it organized properly so you know what you have so you can pop it out and prepare a meal in an instant.  Make sure to keep like items together (fruit, veggies, soups, desserts, breads, dinners, etc.).  Go through your freezer on a regular basis, try to toss any of the items that have freezer burn and make a list of items you need.  Try to buy things when they go on sale, you will save money at the register and down the road when you aren’t ordering take-out a couple times per week.

Even though I love to cook, there are some nights that I just don’t feel like it.  Instead of ordering out which is expensive and typically unhealthy, I like to stay organized by stocking our freezer with some of our store bought favorites.  I thought I would share what is in my freezer right now…

I love these little pastry bites from Trader Joe’s.  They are so handy when 
I have a few people over and I need a quick appetizer.  Chris and I 
also have them for dinner along side a big salad, they are so good! 

 I always grab a few Stouffer’s Lasagna’s when I see them on sale.  They
are a bargain for only $7!  It is a simple and easy dinner option on chilly 
winter nights.  Mix up a salad and warm up some bread for a complete meal.

 I love Amy’s Mac & Cheese, I make it when Chris isn’t around 
for dinner.  It is rich and creamy, Yum!

 Whole Food’s often has Rising Moon organic pasta on sale
for 2 for $6.  My favorite thing about this brand is that
it doesn’t have to be thawed before you make it which
is so handy when you need to make dinner fast!  All of their 
flavors are tasty, I especially love the 4 cheese tortellini.

Pizza delivery can be pricey and full of calories.  I like
to have a frozen pizza on hand just in case there
is a pizza craving in the house.  Red Fork has the best
margherita pizza plus all of their ingredients are natural, 
can you say that about the ingredients from Domino’s?

 Frozen fruit is so great to have on hand, I use it for desserts
and smoothies all of the time.  I love Trader Joe’s Fancy Medley.
It is a great value at only $2.50 a bag.

The new Bertolli frozen pasta meals are pretty tasty.
They typically go on sale for $6 per bag and they
heat up fast on the stove top.  They also don’t contain
high fructose corn syrup which is rare for most brands.

I hope you enjoyed a trip through my freezer.  I always freeze homemade items like bread, muffins, jam, soup, and leftovers that I can pull out when I am in a pinch.  What are your favorite freezer foods?  Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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2,485 Responses

  1. Thanks! I made that “weight watcher soup” last night for dinner and put the leftovers in the freezer for another day. It is so good, it probably isn't weight watchers after I put cheese and sour cream in it though, haha!

  2. A few months ago, we had power problems with our freezer and I was truly shocked by how much stuff came out of there (to be thrown away). It made me a bit more conscious of only keeping food in there which is likely to get eaten.
    I love Trader Joe's and will look out for those Pastry Bites. I find some of their appetizers can also work for a light lunch, paired with salad. The Wholefoods pasta looks awesome – love that no-thaw concept.
    In our freezer, we always have some Hungry Man meals (for him, not me!), plus basics like Breaded Fish or Chicken Kiev. Sweet Potato Fries are a must, with other frozen veg. Oh yes, and blueberries to add to my breakfast cereal.

  3. I've heard that the chicken pot stickers from Trader Joe's are really good and the sauce to use with them is right above the pot stickers in the open freezer case.

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