Halloween Decor Inspiration and Storage Tips

Kuzak's Closet Halloween Decor Pintrest Inspiration

Halloween is here and that means it is officially the start of the holiday season! This year Halloween is all about getting crazy with pumpkins. Pumpkin vases, pumpkin beverage buckets, bedazzled pumpkins, oh my! We have seen so many cool and exciting uses for pumpkins this season we decided to create a Pumpkin-inspired Pinterest Page filled with fabulous ideas like the cool samples in the collage above. In addition to our Pinterest pumpkin extravaganza we are sharing two of our very favorite Halloween-inspired storage ideas.


Candles are a great way to add a spooky yet sophisticated touch to your home decor during Halloween but the delicate nature of loose candles makes them easily damaged when stored. For your Halloween themed candles, individually wrap each candle in tissue paper and store them in a plastic bin along with your other Halloween decor. Wrapping them individually will ensure they do not get scuffed, this is especially helpful if they are decorative or glittery. For basic tapered candles, a great trick is to wrap a pair in tissue paper and then store them in an empty paper towel tube. The tube is the perfect size and shape. Label each tube with the candles’ color and length for quick identification.


Costumes are such an integral part of Halloween fun but who wants them taking up valuable hanging closet space all year long? Avoid the closet by creating a costume box that you and your family/friends can access throughout the year. Costumes aren’t just for Halloween after all. Sealed plastic bins are the key to preserving the longevity of costume fabric and wigs. By using plastic bins that seal you are safe to store costumes in the garage, storage shed, attic, etc. If you are investing in delicate, custom and/or large costumes consider purchasing a sealing wardrobe box.

Additional costume storage tips:

*Brush wigs before storing, they get tangled easily.

*Keep all of your accessories together in a ziploc bag so you can easily grab-and-go.

*Theater make-up has a similar shelf-life as regular make-up which means it needs to be thrown away as it ages.

*Don’t forget to label your bin/box for easy identification!


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