A Happy Reminder That I’m From “The Thumb”

My DIY Thumb Sign

I’ve lived in California for a little over 4 years and I am noticing that I’m slowly becoming a west coast girl.  I mean, my fridge is full of kale, we own a hybrid, I recycle just about everything and my dog has a carseat.  It’s getting to be a little much!

When I saw this sign at the Alameda Antique Show I knew it would be a happy reminder of my roots. If you are a Michigander you will know exactly why I love it! When you are from Michigan and someones asks you where you are from you hold your hand and point. I’m from the “thumb” where everyone knows everyone.

The woman who had the sign at her booth wondered why I wanted it.  It tried to translate the whole “thumb of Michigan thing” but she didn’t get it.  Oh well, my gain!

My DIY Thumb Sign

It started off red and gold, not really my home decor shades.  I popped off the letters, sanded and primed them along with the sign.  I didn’t want to spend much on this project so I used a few colors that were hanging out in my paint cabinet.

For the letters I had a limited selection of spray paints (I wanted to use spray because it would cover the letters quickly).  I settled on antique white, I had just enough left in the can to spray all 5.  I put this picture on Instagram and my Michigan friends guessed it right away, my California friends guessed funny phrases like “Bum Hut”, “M-H But”, HT Bum”.

My DIY Thumb Sign

I used Martha Stewart’s shade called milk pail for the sign.  It is a gray green, very neutral and fresh.  I brushed it on quickly, only one coat because I like the look of the brush lines.  The color reminds me of the Great Lakes, swoon!

I didn’t update the screws from the original sign, I like the look of the vintage brass.  They add some character.

My DIY Thumb Sign

I have the sign hanging in the hallway where all of the bedrooms meet.  It’s a nice reminder to Chris and I that we are from the greatest place on earth.  I’m hoping it will send Chris subliminal messages that will tempt him to move back. Probably a far fetched idea but a girl can dream!

My DIY Thumb Sign


Don’t get me wrong, I love my California life but I still get homesick.  My team is always cracking up when I talked about “back where I come from.”

I’ve had extra time in the evenings to tackle the DIY projects hanging around the house because we don’t have an estate sale this week.   I’ll be back tomorrow with another painted project so stay tuned!

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