Hot or Not?!

Hot or Not with Slash

Chris and I flew to Michigan last week for a quick trip to see our families and we had so much fun.  It was great to see everyone and the topic of many conversations was Hot or Not?!   This summer series seems to be a hit and my sister Ashlie and I couldn’t be more excited.  We’ve been getting lots of great comments and readers feedback which is great.

Two products that I heard a lot about on my Michigan visit are the Wet Brush and Tito’s Vodka. My friend Katie wanted to let all of you know that the wet brush is HOT and great for detangling kids hair.   My Aunts are loving Tito’s Vodka, they did a taste comparison to Greygoose and they couldn’t tell the difference.  Tito’s is only $19.99 a bottle so I would suggest stocking up and saving some cash!  There are only 7 weeks left so be sure to send us ideas of new products to try!

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

Amanda’s Picks

I helped a client organize her pantry recently and saw this trader joe’s treat and decided to pick it up for myself.  My client loves them so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  I was under the impression that they were berries covered with chocolate so I was surprised when I took a bite and the texture wasn’t what I expected.  I should’ve read the package first, they aren’t real berries, just the juice of berries that is hardened and dipped in chocolate.  The process sounds strange and the texture agrees.  I had high hopes but I have to report that this snack is NOT hot.  I found them to be blah and will stick to real berries for a special treat.

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

I love Instagram and have had fun printing my pics on a site called Printstagram.  The quality of their 4×4 prints is great, they are made of heavy card stock so you can write a message on the back if you send them to friends (my granny’s loved them).  I have also ordered mini books with pictures of Harper for my nieces and my inlaws.  I ordered these poster collages for Chris’ birthday and framed them in the hallway going to our master bedroom.  One is pictures from our trip to Maui in February and the other is from our trip to London last month.  I am hoping to continue idea with pics from future travels (don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere for the rest of the year!)  If you use Instagram you should check out Printstagram, it’s HOT!

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

Ashlie’s Picks

My girls love to swim and be outdoors in the summer.  I gave this product a try at my parent’s house after a long day in the sun and chlorine.  I love how this After Sun Soother left my skin hydrated and refreshed.  This product is also gentle to use on both of my daughters.  Burts Bees After Sun Soother is HOT.  I hope you give it a try–there is still a lot of summer left! I found mine at my local Walgreens.

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

I have another product that will help keep you cool this summer.  Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt.  I found this item next to the Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisines and Weight Watcher meal choices.  It came in a pack of 3 or 4 and there are a few other flavor choices.  I choose the Dark Fudge Swirl because I wanted to feel like I was having a treat.  The flavor is awesome and there is just enough chocolate in them so they’re sweet.  This product is HOT!

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

We have another reader’s pick this week, that’s HOT!  Ashlie’s SIL Stephanie is sharing the skinny on a new product from Dr. Scholl’s, keep reading to see if it is Hot or Not?!

Reader’s Pick

From Hot….to Not.

Ever since I have had my daughters, my feet have changed size.  Now, my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot.  I struggle to find shoes that fit well on both feet and I can’t go down a half size because then shoes are way too tight on my left foot.  I recently bought an adorable pair of nude wedges, but the right shoe kept slipping off my foot.  I decided to check the Dr. Scholl’s section at my local store to see if they had a solution.  Low and behold, the Heel Liners.

These are a solid, gel-like liner that sticks to the inside of the shoe right in the heel area.  I figured they were worth a try.  Once I got them home and stuck them in my shoe I thought I had found my solution for not only these shoes, but several others I have.  They held my foot in place and were comfortable.  I recently wore my wedges to an event and I wish I could report that I was still enthusiastic about this product.  By the end of the night the liners seemed to wear down from the pressure of my feet and the gel must have changed shape because my foot was once again slipping out of my right shoe.  I felt like I had to hobble in order to keep my shoe on, which is never attractive in a pair of heels. I love the idea of these heel liners and will definitely keep looking for a pair that holds up to a night out, but for now these Heel Liners are a NOT!

Kuzak's Closet Hot or Not?!

Don’t forget to enter our Hot or Not?! Summer Series Giveaway!  We will be giving away a goodie box and a Kuzak’s Closet t-shirt at the end of the summer to a lucky reader.  Please leave a comment each week to enter!

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2,452 Responses

  1. Hmm…I’m perplexed, how do they chocolate cover juice “pieces”? Sounds scary, I’ll stick to real berries too.Thanks again, I love Hot or Not!

  2. A not-so-good-for-you treat from TJ’s are the Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels. They’re in a little baggie like that and are great if you keep them in the fridge. I’ll have to look for the Burt’s Bees after sun, sounds great!

  3. Will have to try put Printsagram . Looks like fun.
    I was not a fan of the TJ Powerberries either. I hated their texture. Do love their Dunkeroos cookies. Yummy!
    Love this segment of your blog.

  4. I love how it says “Powerberries” in big print and then in much smaller print it says that it is juice from all these different berries. Misleading when you expect a berry and get juice.

  5. Love the printsagram poster and love the idea of travel pictures. Going to check that it out right now.

  6. Super excited about the frozen greek yogurt. That will be on our grocery list this week!

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