An Organized Home in Silicon Valley Part 1

Kuzak’s Closet gets to work on so many beautiful organizing projects each week, some are shared on the blog or social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, but the majority of projects are never shared. In 2015 my goal is to work on creating more of a balance between the estate marketing and the organizing inspiration. The organizing side of Kuzak’s Closet is just as thriving as the estate side (hard to believe, I know … yes, it causes lack of sleep) and I love the balance of services that we are able to provide – but I occasionally forget that wonderfully organized closets and kitchens make you just as happy as the fabulous estates that we tackle each week. Both stem from my love of organizing and this week I wanted to give you a glimpse of what a typical Kuzak’s Closet organized home in Silicon Valley looks like! My method is all about purposeful placement and having things edited down to what is really necessary and truly loved within a home.

This post will be featuring a master closet, gift closet, home command center, living and play area for children – all from the same home in Atherton. This home is all about luxury, easy living, and style. There are no before-and-afters for this particular project because my staff and I helped move them into this custom-built home, which as my clients would tell you, was the smartest decision they ever made. Having an organizational expert(s) fine tune each space from the get-go is a huge advantage when it comes to functionality and efficiency. This home is over 7,000 square feet and we were able to unpack and organize within 4 days, with no boxes to be found!

Kuzak's Closet Custom Luxury Organized Closet

Our first stop is the master closet – there is nothing I love more! My beautiful, fit client has four children and her wardrobe reflected a yo-yo of sizes, which frankly, she no longer need. With our help she was able to get her wardrobe slimmed down to the size and styles she is currently wearing. I am a firm believer that everyone should protect and extend the life of their wardrobe by using flocked hangers. We buy boxes of black, no-slip hangers by the truckload! For this particular project we ordered grey flocked hangers from Crate & Barrel to match their lovely gray-blue custom cabinetry. These shots only represent half of the closet, the other half is designated to her husband – so you can imagine the wonderful size of the space!

Have ever wondered why styled closets always look fantastic? Color consistency. Imagine a color wheel when you are putting clothes away. Organize your wardrobe by color and it will benefit you by easily singling out pieces of clothing and, it just plain looks nicer. There will be a sense of order and an idea of custom design that will make your closet feel luxurious and also organized.

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet

Let’s be honest, shoes are usually a priority in a closet. In most closets we help design, the shoe gallery is front-and-center, but in this clients space her shoes were not the priority. Our client sports a fairly casual day-to-day style, with the occasional need for high-end fashion. Because of this she opted to give storage priority to sweatshirts, jeans, and sweaters and wanted a prep area designated for laundry and dry cleaning. Instead of creating a full shoe gallery I decided to displayed some of her prettiest pumps in the cubby cut-outs at the top of the closet. Serving as storage and decor, would wouldn’t want to be greeted by these Prada pumps everyday?

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet

These cute hat boxes from The Container Store are versatile and attractive, they keep hats protected from the sun and dust. Small design elements like this make a big difference!

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet
Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet

These Hermes boxes are so pretty we couldn’t imagine throwing them into the recycle, so we re-purposed them for a pop of color and additional storage.

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury ClosetDSC04429

I love this space, so bright as airy! To stage this shot I stood on a ladder and behind me is a matching half for her husband, to the right is more shelving for jeans and shoes.

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet

Did I mention that I fell in love with these gray hangers! They look really nice with the cabinetry. If you are thinking of jazzing up your closet with some neat hanger colors I would recommend sticking with the basics, black, gray, or beige. Just say no to neon or bright color hangers! Basic colors are the easiest to find for replacement/expanding wardrobe and will be visually neutral among a colorful wardrobe.

Kuzak's Closet Organized Luxury Closet

The next area I am featuring is a gift closet we created in the laundry room ( I will ‘be sharing the rest of the laundry room in Part 2). I know a gift closet seems like a luxury, and you are right! Most people have a bin or two in their master closet or the garage but in this house my client knew it would be something she needed to help keep her efficient with four children. We created specifically designated shelves for gifts, two shelves with kid-friendly gifts and an upper shelf for adult gifts and entertaining. The lower drawers store wrapping paper and embellishments.

organized gift closet

I love these white rubber bins from The Container Store for small odds and ends. I used a chalk label to customize, so cute!

DSC04374 DSC04369

Everything is sorted and visible which means no more last-minute trips to the store! As the kids get older this area can also be overflow storage for holiday decor, bulky linens, or even memorabilia.


I love to label, especially in a house with so many “users”. There are 6 family members, nannies, and lots of family and friends coming in-and-out of this space so it is key to label so everyone knows where items are stored.


My client had a stroke of pure genius when she envisioned her mudroom. It has a designated space for every member of the family with lots of room to grow. This is just one side of it, the other side has a locker for each person to store their shoes, totes, and everyday coats (due to confidentiality I didn’t photograph it). There is ample space in the upper cabinets for office supplies and the drawers are all stocked with goodies.

Organized Command Center

The cubbies above are individually designated for each member of the family to sort their mail, invitations, or items that need to be reviewed. Raise your hand if you would love to have this in your home?

Family Command Center Family Command Center Family Command Center

The last area on today’s tour is the living and play area for the children. The boys share a room connected to the play area and each space is maximized for storage (and fun!). There are a few more rooms off of these spaces but I’m just sharing a small peek to respect their confidentiality. I am obsessed with these nautical design navy and beige striped bins from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.

Fun and Functional Kids Spaces

This is a shared children’s bedroom. I love the use of storage under the beds and the locker-style closets. The children have lots of space to store their treasures, school work and memorabilia. Isn’t the bunk labeled “our pal” for sleepovers adorable?!

DSC04744 DSC04736 DSC04738

Functional and Organized Kids SpacesDSC04740

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  1. Completely agree that color coordinating your closet makes the biggest difference! I recently just revamped my closet and found that color coordinating and investing in all uniform hangers instantly refreshed things. I live in a pretty small apartment in SF so I am all about utilizing every possible space and staying organized 🙂 I love your blog!

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