How to Repurpose Vintage Books this Holiday


Kuzak’s Closet’s estate specialist and resident book expert Hope Berschler is a vintage book fanatic! Since Hope has brought such a love for books into our lives, we thought it would be fun to invite her to share some of her favorite ideas for creating one-of-a-kind gifts and offer a few tips for adding a touch of literary character to your holiday home decor. Whether you shop at your local used book store or one of our estate sales, you are sure to find a unique treasure that can be wonderfully transformed by one of these tips!

Kuzak's Closet Vintage Book for the Holiday Ideas

Vintage Books as Gifts

An amusing topic, a famed or little-known author, big or small, colorful or plain, a whimsical dust jacket or the original binding, vintage books are full of character and can easily stand alone as a timeless gift. For the avid book lover and voracious reader in your life, a classic edition written by a tried-and-true author is always a winning find. Consider replacing a tattered vintage paperback with a hardback copy. If you are shopping for someone who has a distinct hobby or collection, such as art, cars, or design, a vintage coffee table book would surely be a welcome addition to any personal library.

Hope’s Tip: Be aware that not everyone likes old books (hard to believe I know)! If you are not sure if the recipient shares your love of that old book smell, stick to the classics or humorous covers. If you are shopping for a coffee table book, look for books with a lot of pictures, the bigger, the better.

Kuzak's Closet Vintage Book Statement Gift Idea

Vintage Books as the Secondary Gift

Gifts for a child, acquaintance, co-worker or teacher can sometimes be extremely challenging to buy. Thus, food/drink items or a gift card are usually the easy go-to solution. Hope suggests taking the gift up a notch by including a vintage book as a accent piece in a seasonal basket of food/drink goodies or in a holiday stocking. For example: pair a holiday cookbook with a fresh baked pie or a lovely bottle of wine. The vintage book will be a lasting reminder once the perishable gift is long gone. Gift cards are such an easy last minute present but pretty impersonal, so Hope suggests inserting a gift card into the vintage book as a creative holder and you are ready to go!

Hope’s Tip: Adding a vintage book to a perishable item or gift card shows you gave your present a little more thought than a last minute trip to the grocery store. Stick to holiday themed books for just the right nod of seasonal cheer. Illustrated children’s books are also quirky alternatives.

Kuzak's Closet Vintage Book Accent Gift Idea

Adding Vintage Books to Your Holiday Home Decor

Everyone at Kuzak’s Closet LOVES incorporating vintage books into their home design year round, and during the holidays vintage books can make a room especially festive and cozy. For Christmas hues integrate stacks of green and red, blue and white for Hanukkah or red, black and green for Kwanzaa. Remember that the books are the accessory, so consider placing them on a fireplace mantle or tabletop to help create dimension and color to your display. If you are hosting a dinner party, consider using them as a funky dessert stand, for elevating platters of sweet treats or as either a menu or name card holder.

Hope’s Tip: For the precious vintage books that are beyond repair, use their illustrated pages as wrapping paper, to create gift tags, to create ornaments. Pinterest is a great resource for all of these vintage book DIY tutorials.

Kuzak's Closet Vintage Book Decor Ideas

To learn more about Hope check out our Meet The Team blog post and Happy Shopping!!

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  1. I love the idea of adding a vintage book to a food or gift basket! It really makes it personal. I’m looking forward to doing it.

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