About Kuzak’s Closet

The traditional estate sale model is outdated, our private liquidation method allows us to sell more volume and value because we utilize technology and social media. Optimizing our 20 years of project management and professional organizing experience, we are able to attract new shoppers through hashtags and customer engagement. Our projects are bid out based on time, volume, and value vs. value alone. We offer a solution for every estate.

Amanda Kuzak

Founder & CEO

Amanda Kuzak has changed the way estates in Silicon Valley are liquidated. She is a problem solver and a realist, catering to the fast-paced real estate market Kuzak’s Closet serves with over 125 estates processed each year. Her full-service approach offers an exclusive online sales tool @shopkuzakscloset that has a cult-like following. She employs a wonderful full-time staff of expert estate organizers and haulers, leaving each estate hand-processed, broom-swept, and empty.

Quick Facts
  • A Midwest native, Amanda started the company in 2004 in Michigan.
  • Name Kuzak’s Closet comes from a large closet in our home office in Chicago that used to house items for consignment from our luxury clients – designer clothing and high end antiques.
  • She expanded into Silicon Valley in 2009.
  • A savvy project manager, Amanda’s brain works like a puzzle.
  • She has a liberal arts education and then attended law school before starting Kuzak’s Closet in the 3rd year.
  • Amanda has a passion for dispersing lifelong treasures properly to give them a new life.

Our Team

Our experienced, licensed, and amazing team is composed of specialists and haulers.