Estate Services

Private Liquidations

Our private liquidation service maximizes the value of the contents in the estate while preserving the privacy of the estate. This full-service estate solution is completed over the course of 2-3 days. Our team of estate organizers and haulers work to sort the estate into categories:

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Items to sell on the Kuzak's Closet App

Kuzaks Closet icon Donate - Estate Services

Items to donate

Kuzaks Closet icon Recycle - Estate Services

Items to recycle (metal, hazardous waste, medications)

Kuzaks Closet icon Items to Toss - Estate Services

Items to toss

We organize curbside pickup at the estate, only shoppers who make an online purchase will receive the address for pickup. In tandem with the sales process, we haul donations, trash, and recycling in our fleet of vehicles. The estate will be left broom swept and empty. All you have to do is remove what you would like to keep and leave the rest up to us!

What do we do?

We hand process the contents of each estate, maximizing the value of what’s inside. We then find a home for what doesn’t have value through donation, recycling, and disposal, leaving each estate broom swept and empty.

All you (or your client) have to do is remove what you’d like to keep, we take care of everything else.

Our Typical Service Schedule:

Day 1

Team arrives and each staff member is assigned a zone to sort and organize. Items of value will be photographed and drafted for sale with a set price. Items for donation will be boxed and trash and recycling will be processed in our fleet of vehicles.

A custom marketing campaign will be developed for your estate. We reach 10,000+ unique followers/downloads on the app and on Instagram with reels, stories, and posts. We also notify our email list of 5,000+ shoppers.

Day 2

The sale will launch with on the Kuzak’s Closet app.

We will continue to sort and process the zones of the estate.

Day 3

Shoppers pick up curbside, a process we organize and facilitate. Our team of haulers will disassemble and load heavy furniture into shoppers’ cars. We also work directly with local movers and delivery companies. We wrap up the final cleanup and processing of each zone and the estate is left broom swept and empty.

This schedule varies due to the value and volume of each estate.