How to Work With Us?

It’s never too early to schedule a consultation for our private liquidation. Consultations are complimentary.

Start by emailing us the following:


The address of the estate

The date you will have all items removed that you are keeping.
A few photos of the estate from the vantage point of the door/entrance of the room so that we can get a feel for value and volume.
The ideal date that you need to have the estate empty by.

Do not throw anything away or haul anything to donation, only remove what you would like to keep.

We want you to understand what you need to do and most importantly what you do not need to do prior to the start of our service. The estate needs to be unoccupied. We need to liquidate before the real estate team starts to prep the home for sale.

You can schedule a virtual consultation with videos or photos or an in-person consultation. We will provide a service fee and sales estimate with a timeline at the completion of the consultation.

Haven’t answered your question?

Check out our FAQs and if you still have questions, reach out via email!