Our Liquidation Model

The Kuzak’s Closet private liquidation model is unlike any other liquidation option available. Our process typically happens over the course of 3 days from start to finish. How is that possible? An incredibly savvy and well trained staff that includes estate specialists, haulers, a cult-like following of shoppers, a donation team, a metal recycling team, and lots of trucks. We are able to control the entire time frame of each project because we do not have to wait on third party vendors to pick up and transfer.

Our service starts with sorting the estate into categories – items to sell on the Kuzak’s Closet app, items to donate, items to recycle, and items to dump. We organize and facilitate curbside pickup at the estate and process trash, recycling, and donations in our fleet of vehicles. Each sale is marketed to our email list and through social media platforms with posts, stories, and reels. 

In addition to selling items we also work extremely hard on trash prevention. We list low value items we know that our donation partners won’t accept on a variety of local websites to encourage them to be repurposed vs. being dumped.

We require the estate to be unoccupied. All items that you would like to keep must be removed from the estate. The estate will be left broom-swept and empty.

To get started, please email us the address, the date when you require the estate to be empty by, and photos of each room standing at the vantage point of the doorway. We will respond with a quote for the service fee, timeline and available dates for service based on the scope of your project.