Who Shops With Us!

August 7, 2023

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients is “who shops with you?” We have a very diverse following of shoppers but most fall into one of these 5 categories…

  • DIY Experts
  • Shopping Enthusiasts (we call these end-users)
  • Interior Designers
  • Antique Dealers
  • Resellers

To help illustrate each category of shopper we asked a few of our favorites to tell us what they like to shop for, what they collect, and share a few photos of treasures purchased from Kuzak’s Closet estates over the years.

DIY Experts

This first category of shopper cannot resist a good deal because of their creative nature. They see every item as an opportunity to improve an item and give it a new life!

Shopping Enthusiasts

We call shoppers in this category “end-users” because they are typically the final home for their purchase. These are shoppers who love to redecorate and update their wardrobes with second hand treasures.

Interior Designers

Our social media reach has really helped us get the word out to interior designers that we are selling quality designer items each week! In many cases the designers who buy from us send professional movers and shippers to pickup their purchases because they are based outside of the Bay Area – LA, Austin, and New York are popular hot spots.

Antique Dealers

This category of shopper has evolved throughout the years especially with most brick and mortar collectives closing their doors in the Bay Area due to lease issues and sky high rents. Many antique dealers have moved to an online platform with items listed on Chairish, 1st dibs, and their own websites. Those who can still secure an in-person retail location often choose to cross promote and list the items in their shop online to help increase traffic into the store and increase the potential buyer pool. The most common misconception we hear from families and real estate agents who inquire about our services is that they think they can call an antique dealer who will buy everything in the house. This option of a “buy out” has really gone by the wayside in the last 20 years, much in part to the high cost of storage and retail space in the Bay Area and the increased opportunity to shoppers to buy truly unique items online.


This category could easily be lumped into the antique dealer category but we often refer to dealers and resellers differently at Kuzak’s Closet. What makes them different? I can’t put my finger on it but often dealers have a super specific niche where resellers have a broader scope. For example, Vince Bravo is very specific in what he deals in – Heywood Wakefield, Herman Miller, Alexander Girard, etc., where our shopper in this category is interested in reselling what she loves to buy, what she would buy for her own home.